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Pregnancy Test

Exciting Information about Pregnancy Test

Every woman who plans for having a baby, is dreaming of that moment when the pregnancy test gives her the positive result, it’s really such a turning moment in life and the joy that every future mum feels at this moment is indescribable. But, when the result in negative, you mommy feels a bad disappointment, but you know what you might be pregnant, but you didn’t do it right, yes that is true. Let me tell you more about that, there are types of pregnancy tests like, home pregnancy test, blood test and pelvic test. Most women prefer to do pregnancy test at home, no needles, no doctor prescription, no time to wait for the results and it’s so easy …

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Calculate your Pregnancy

Helpful Information to Calculate your Pregnancy

As a new mommy, you must be excited about knowing every detail of your pregnancy and one of these details is how to calculate your pregnancy. Before I tell you how to do that let me first tell you why should you even care about calculating your pregnancy. Calculating your pregnancy will make it easy for you to know the due date or as it called the estimated day of deliver. Knowing the exact time of delivery is so important to maintain your own health and your baby’s too. It will also help your health provider in facing any complications that may occur like, diabetes or the high blood pressure of pregnancy that is known as preeclampsia. Let me tell …

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Reasons for Using Pregnancy Calendar

Top Reasons for Using Pregnancy Calendar

If this is your first pregnancy, then you need a helpful friend to be always there for you to tell you about all the changes that you will go through and all the things that you should do and all the things that you should avoid and so many other things, it sounds good, right? This friend isn’t imaginary this friend is called pregnancy calendar. Let me tell you more, pregnancy calendar is so easy to find just one click on search bar and thousands of online calendars will be available at your place, you will enter all the required data and enjoy its amazing benefits. Pregnancy calendar will give you all the information that you need to know about …

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Pregnancy Tips

Looking for Some Important Pregnancy Tips? Read this One

Pregnancy is an amazing thing that can happen to any woman, it’s like magic, you go through a lot of beautiful things and you experience amazing feelings. But like anything new, you may face some difficulties or unusual changes. This world of pregnancy is also full of myths that come from the word, so I heard! The most important thing you should do is to talk to your doctor about your questions, concerns, doubts or changes and never listen to anything from any untrusted sources, this the best for your own and your baby’s safety. Now, you are living a new life, you have a miracle growing inside of you and as your life will change with the baby, your …

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Dieting Tips during your Pregnancy

Important Dieting Tips during your Pregnancy

There is no doubt that pregnancy requires extra care than other normal times of your life, you are not only responsible of your own health, but also of your little baby too. You need to follow some main tips to get the best nutrients during that time and am here to help you, so let’s start. The first thing you should know about eating during pregnancy, it’s not about just eating for eating, it’s about eating the right and beneficial foods. One of the important elements that you should include in your diet is protein, it’s a great source of amino acid that you need in your pregnancy, it will make you feel full for long times and will give …

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Suffering from a Fertility Problem Increase Your Sperm Count Now with these 8 Natural Remedies

Suffering from a Fertility Problem? Increase Your Sperm Count Now with these 8 Natural Remedies

Infertility in men happens for many reasons. One of which is that the sperm count is significantly low. This could be the result of some illnesses or infections that make sperm production mechanisms weak or inefficient. However, this mechanism could be enhanced with some natural remedies, such as: 1- Saw Palmetto. This remedy has been known since ancient times. It is used to cure several problems and disorders of the male reproductive system. Some of which are the decrease in sperm count and erectile dysfunction. 2- Horny goat weed. This one is another ancient plant from the Chinese culture. Due to its amazing properties in boosting male reproductive health, it was named this questionable name. It is another efficient remedy …

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Safe Non-Hormonal Methods to Control Birth

Effective and Safe Non-Hormonal Methods to Control Birth

The hormonal contraceptives or fertility controllers are artificial hormones that can prevent fertilizing and implantation of eggs. The main function of such hormonal contraceptives will produce thick cervical mucus to reduce the ability of sperm to reach fallopian tube and fertilize the egg. However, using such contraceptives for more than two years will increase the risk of breast cancer, especially if you have genetic susceptibility for the disease. If so, you should find safe and effective non-hormonal alternatives. The T-shaped intrauterine contraceptive device with a copper wire can destroy the sperm safely without changing the hormones of your body and help you control birth for about five years. In some cases, the intrauterine contraceptive device can make your period heavier …

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