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  • 3 Easy Was To Bleach Your Hair Naturally

    3 Easy Was To Bleach Your Hair Naturally

    Everyone likes to color her hair as it makes one look young and gives a new look. In summer, many people prefer to highlight their hair to give them a fresh look, but some of them prefer not to use harsh chemical lighteners or color dyes. If you are one of them, there are natural homemade recipes you can try. These recipes bleach your hair gently without damaging it, unlike chemical treatments. Here are a few different lightening methods that you can try: 1. Honey and Vinegar: Honey is a natural lightener and it also nourishes your hair. Whether you have dry, oily or normal hair, the natural pH balancing properties of honey suits all hair and scalp types. –…

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  • Top 4 Home Remedies For Gray Hair

    Top 4 Home Remedies For Gray Hair

    Premature graying of hair can be a nightmare for younger adults as it can greatly affect their look. This problem occurs when melanocytes around the hair follicle reduce the amount of melanin it produces. This can happen due to many factors like a genetic predisposition, poor nutrition, hormonal fluctuations, smoking, pollution, stress, use of unsuitable hair products, and certain diseases such as chronic colds, sinusitis, and thyroid disorders. People always tend to cover those gray strands with commercial and chemical-laden hair colors, but some natural home remedies can do the trick. Here are the top 4 home remedies for premature graying of hair. 1. Black Tea: Black tea works best with prematurely gray hair as it helps darken your hair,…

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  • How to choose the Best Hair Color For Your Skin

    How to choose the Best Hair Color For Your Skin?

    Hair color has the power to change your entire look as it frames your face. But finding the most suitable color for you is not an easy task. Your skin tone has a vital role in determining the hair color you will go for. You should find the hue that enhances your complexion instead of detracting it. The following tips will guide you to the hair colors that best look with your skin tone. • If you have a pale skin with cool blue or green undertones, try warm golden blonde. Many women that have pale skin with blue or green undertones tend to choose ashy shades to blend in with their skin tone. But these shades will make them…

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