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  • Sick because Germs

    You Get Sick because Germs Hide in These 6 Places

    Germs are harmful microscopic creature that can be transmitted to the human body through several means leading to many diseases and sicknesses. They can be airborne and they can be transmitted to our bodies through the food we eat after we touch things that have these germs. The best method of getting rid of these germs is using detergent solutions and a cotton cloth. Here are some of the most common places germs hide in: 1- Phones and smartphones. I recently heard that your smart phone has more germs than a toilet seat (eew!). Using phones in public places escalates the problem even more and multiplies the damage. To get rid of the germs on your house phone and smartphone,…

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  • Remedies to the Dark Circles around Your Eyes

    Quick and Effective Remedies to the Dark Circles around Your Eyes

    Do you wish to get a clean and healthy face and hate the look of the dark circles you are used to see whenever you look at the mirror? Defining the real cause of dark cycles around your eyes is the essential step in your treatment story. Such dark circles can be a result of your genetic susceptibility, especially if you have thin skin under your eyes. If you sleep less than 8 hours daily or you have seasonal allergies, the slower circulation of blood around your eyes will create dark circles around your eyes. As you are growing, your skin will lose collagen and your vein will appear clearly changing the color of the circles around your eyes. Sometimes,…

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  • Tips to Get Rid of the Bad Breath Completely

    Apply Such Simple Tips to Get Rid of the Bad Breath Completely

    The bad breath is an embarrassing disease that can affect your self-confidence and the first impression made about you. If you need to define the causes of such a problem and find out the suitable permanent solution, this article will be extremely helpful. If you already suffer from the problem of bad breath, you should find out its real causes and the treatment will be an easy task. For example, the bacteria multiplying between your teeth or on your tong, the tonsil stones, gum disease, reflux or ulcer, and smelly food can be direct causes to the bad breath problem. In such cases, you should have antacids to treat your stomach, use anti-bacterial mouthwash, and brush your teeth and tongue…

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  • The Road to Supreme Intelligence Starts

    The Road to Supreme Intelligence Starts with These 7 Steps

    It is often that we hear things like, “so and so is blessed with high intelligence” However, human brain is a wondrous tool that can be developed with training, and you don’t necessarily need to have high I.Q. to be intelligent. Because, without doing certain things, your high I.Q. is just a useless quality. So, to be blessed with supreme intelligence, your road should start with these steps: 1- Reading. It goes without saying that reading is the most prominent step in increasing your intelligence. You don’t just acquire new bits of information that take a space in your brain. You acquire tools for better interaction with other and better understanding of the world. 2- See new places. Traveling and…

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  • Take Care of your Dental Health

    Interested to Know How to Take Care of your Dental Health? Read this One

    People pay thousands to have a shiny smile nowadays, but what about saving these thousands for something else and let’s find out how to have this great smile naturally. It’s not that hard all what you need is to avoid some certain foods and to eat some others instead. Start with eating fruits rich with fibers like apple and pear, the fibers in these fruits will whiten your teeth and they will increase the saliva which will clean your entire mouth. Some studies proved that baking soda can play a big role in whiting your teeth; you can use it simply by putting its powder on you tooth brush, just pay attention to do it only once a week and…

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  • Foods for fighting heat in the summer

    Foods for fighting heat in the summer

    In the summer everyone is facing the problem of excessive sweating caused by the heat. There is no doubt that the easiest way to fight heat in this period is drinking large quantities of water and fluids. Also, your food is very important to help you fight heat. Thus, we will show you a group of foods that will help your body to fight heat and dryness in the summer. (1) Watermelon: 90 % of its content is water and it is one of the best moisturizing foods for your body. Also, it doesn’t contain a lot of calories, so you will not feel guilty when you eat a lot of it. In addition, watermelon is rich in vitamins A…

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  • Natural Treatments for the Varicose Veins

    Effective Natural Treatments for the Varicose Veins

    If you look at the bulging veins in your legs and wonder how could you relief yourself from such pain and undesirable look, you are already in the right place. The traditional treatments such as chemical medications, compression stockings, sclera-therapy, and endoluminal ablation or even surgical techniques can be suitable solution to your problem, but you should check these natural remedies and apply them first. Enhancing your blood circulation will let the blood flow and pump efficiently through your veins fighting the effects of gravity. The regular exercises will improve the blood flow in your legs and arms, reduce your blood pressure, and balance your hormones reducing the effects of the problem perfectly. Just concentrate on the effective exercises such…

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  • Cleansing Food and Drinks for a Healthy Liver

    Super Cleansing Food and Drinks for a Healthy Liver

    As a sensitive organ and gland, your liver serves as a gatekeeper in your body. Do you believe that such an organ can turn protein, carbs, and fats into energy and protect your blood from the harmful toxins and distributing the essential nutrients throughout your body along 24 hours every day? If you need to protect such a key organ, try to incorporate the following food list into your diet. You can notice that the liver cleansing food categories are plant-based foods because they are free from toxins and hormones and rich in natural cleansing features. When you visit the grocery next time, just pick up the vegetables rich in fibers and antioxidant properties such as broccoli, onions, and sweet…

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  • Ways Instant Noodles Are Literally Killing You Slowly

    6 Ways Instant Noodles Are Literally Killing You Slowly

    Everyone seems to love instant noodles. Why not when it is this warm yummy cheap meal you can make in a few minutes? It is considered one of the most popular convenient foods ever. However, you shouldn’t be too ecstatic about having your next cup’ o noodles since it causes not one, but many things that can literally kill you. Here are some of them. 1- Cancer. Instant noodles are made by adding boiling water to the Styrofoam cup it comes in, and this is half of its beauty, right? However Styrofoam plates and containers are not meant to hold piping hot foods as they can interact with the Styrofoam releasing cancerous components. 2- Suppressing growth. Did you know that…

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  • Suffering from Any of These 6 Symptoms Then You Might Be Having Food Intolerance

    Suffering from Any of These 6 Symptoms? Then You Might Be Having Food Intolerance

    What is food intolerance? It is when the food you eat disturbs your body causing certain symptoms. It is different from food allergies since it is not caused by the immune system and does not lead to a sever reaction or the production of Ige antibodies that fight strange substances. The symptoms of food intolerance are much milder than food allergy and they usually take much more time to manifest. If you are suffering from some or all of the following symptoms, then you might be suffering from food intolerance. 1- Feeling a pain in the muscles or the joints on a regular basis. This pain is called fibromyalgia. It may happen to different parts in your body and it…

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  • Live Healthy Even If You Have Diabetes with These 7 Wonderful Tips

    You Can Still Live Healthy Even If You Have Diabetes with These 7 Wonderful Tips

    Sometimes diabetes, which is your body’s lack of ability to process sugar, comes without a warning. In this case, it is called type 2 diabetes. People get depressed when that happens and sometimes they act as if their lives have ended, which may escalate the issue. However, you can still enjoy your life to the fullest even with diabetes. All you need to do is apply the following wonderful tips. 1- Write down how much you move, how you move and when you move. That means writing down the amount of exercises and workout you do. Doing that will make you aware of the amount of your physical activity and whether it is sufficient and healthy or not. 2- Do…

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  • Common Mistakes People Do When Cooking Pasta

    5 Common Mistakes People Do When Cooking Pasta

    When you want to prepare a pasta dish – one of the healthiest and most filling meals ever – you need to follow certain steps to make your pasta a really good meal, instead of something you cook because it doesn’t take much time and effort. However, people make some mistakes when cooking pasta that can ruin this wonderful dish. Here are some of them: 1- Using a small pot for cooking pasta. The whole process of cooking pasta depends on letting it release its starch in a sufficient amount of water. Using a small pot prevents that, which makes the pasta cooked unevenly. The ratio of water to pasta should be 1:5. 2- Adding salt to the pasta sauce,…

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  • Believing These 4 Misconceptions about the Flu Will Make You More Prone to Catching It

    Believing These 4 Misconceptions about the Flu Will Make You More Prone to Catching It

    People believe many myths and misconceptions about almost everything in life, much less the flu. Flu is one of the most common viruses people can catch, and under certain circumstances (such as poor health, weakened immunity…etc.) people can be hospitalized or even die after catching the flu. Knowing the truth about the following misconceptions will make you less prone to this virus. Misconception 1: There is no remedy for the flu. Truth: Flu vaccines are very useful and efficient as a remedy for influenza. Because of the different viral severity every year, the flu vaccines are only 60% to 90% effective. This severity can be changing. If you get the flu after the flu vaccines that means the vaccine was…

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  • indicate the increase of toxins in your body

    6 Signs that indicate the increase of toxins in your body

    Do you feel a sense of discomfort often without knowing the reason of this feeling? You may think that tiredness and lifestyle are the source of this feeling, but it may not always be the case. The toxins in your body are increased in a way that your body can not cope with so that it will send you some signs on the need to get rid of these toxins, what are these signs? Gaining weight and the inability to lose: When you gain weight and you try to lose it by staying away from unhealthy foods and practicing exercises regularly to lose weight without achieving any result, it means that your body has stored large amounts of toxins such…

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  • Ways to Use Overripe Fruits

    Don’t Waste The Blessing of Food! Here Are 6 Great Ways to Use Overripe Fruits

    Do you have a withered out fruit? When you have an abundance of fresh fruits or juicy fruits, of course some of these fruits will go spoiled. Those fruits can be used instead of throwing them in the garbage. Even overripe fruits have some benefit. So you need to read the following ideas on how to make the best of overripe fruits. 1-Put them into Fruit preserves Fruit preserves with bread can make a very good meal for breakfast. So you need to try this meal if you have not done it yet. Also, you can use the web to how to make fruit jam or preserving fruits. It is easy to make. what you basically need is to boil…

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  • tips to survive hot summer nights

    9 Brilliant tips to survive hot summer nights

    Summer is the season of nights out, the beach, picnics, and ice-cream. But it is the season of grilling weather and sticky hard-to-breath humidity. The good news is that you can beat the summer heat without an air conditioner. 1. Always use cotton bed sheets, don’t go after the polyester ones (no matter how attractive the print is or how cheap their price is). Cotton sheets are breathable and absorb sweat. Sweating and laying in your sweat until the temperature suddenly drops at dawn can get you a cold. 2. If you cannot sleep because it is too hot, fold your sheet in a plastic bag and toss it in the freezer few minutes before bedtime. The sheets will be…

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  • How to Get Rid of Kidney Stones

    How to Get Rid of Kidney Stones in a Single Day

    When you see blood drops in your urine, experience vomiting and nausea, and feel severe abdominal pain, the first reason should come to your mind is a kidney stone. Such a disease affects about 10% of the humankind every year, but it is common between the ages of 30 and 40. If you already feel the symptoms of kidney stones, keep reading the article and get rid of them within a single day. The severe pain resulted from kidney stones needs a quick and effective treatment. Whenever you feel the symptoms of such stones, mix similar amounts of olive oil and lemon juice and drink them followed by a large glass of purified water and a tablespoon of raw apple…

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  • Ways to Ease the Symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome

    Simple Ways to Ease the Symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome

    The itching, tingling, burning, painful, and cramping are the common symptoms of restless legs syndrome, especially if they are repetitive every evening or night. If you suffer from the restless leg syndrome, you may experience lower back pain and periodic limb movements while sleeping. The mild of severe le pains and symptoms similar to that’s of restless leg syndrome can be a part of a medical problem in your body or a side effect to certain drugs; so, you should make periodical check-ups to avoid such serious problems. However, if such symptoms are not temporarily, you can use simple treatments and adjust your lifestyle to relief your legs. The first treatment is to avoid alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine completely, as…

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  • Enjoy a Healthy Colon with These Food Categories

    Enjoy a Healthy Colon with These Food Categories

    Your colon is one of the waste removal organs that contain about 100 trillion friendly bacteria. As a part of your digestive system, your colon is affected by the stress, lack of exercises, and the quality, type, and amount of your food then affects your overall health and peace of mind. This article will help you protect your colon and improve its performance perfectly. If you already have problems with your colon, you should reduce the white sugar, white flour, alcohol, ice cream, cheese, and coffee from your daily diet. Try to avoid the categories of food your body has intolerance to, as they will enhance the likelihood of toxicities. Instead, you should have vegetables with large green leaves and…

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  • How to Raise Happy and Mentally Strong Kids

    How to Raise Happy and Mentally Strong Kids

    Building your kid’s personality begins from the pregnancy period until he become a dependable person. During such period, you can create a foundation of your kid’s self-confidence, key social and personal skills, responsibility, and happiness. Your kids need plenty of love, encouragement, and happiness at the early months of their life. At this stage, you should deal with him morally to install your values in him. When he grows enough, try to help him face his fears, try new things confidently, and be realistic in his decisions. To achieve this, you can create realistic situations and let him behave alone with your guidance. Such fake situations will teach them several skills including impulse control, problem solving, self-control, and self-discipline. When…

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  • Brain Damaging Habits

    Do Not Wait Until You Become Completely Stupid before You Avoid These 8 Brain Damaging Habits

    Brain is that mysterious organ which makes everything in our bodies run and which scientists are still studying until this very minute. Brains are responsible for making us…human. They give us the ability to feel, think and interact with the world and the people around us. However, we might be damaging this vital organ unknowingly. In this essay we will talk about the most dangerous habits which destroy your mind. 1- Not eating breakfast Breakfast is the most important meal in the whole day and skipping it is not healthy for you. Eating breakfast is of the leading reasons of stabilizing blood sugar levels .The lack of adequate food to the brain causes brain damage . That can cause negative…

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  • Teeth Will Be Gone without a Trace If You Don’t Quit These 6 Habits

    Your Teeth Will Be Gone without a Trace If You Don’t Quit These 6 Habits

    What happens when we cut our hair? It grows back. So, what happen when our skin gets some cuts, burns or bruises? They heal with time. Ok, what happens when we lose a tooth or two? Do they grow back? No…After milk teeth the teeth you get will be gone for good if they are gone. So, we need to do everything to avoid damaging our teeth. Here are some teeth damaging habits we need to avoid to make sure our teeth stay with us for a long time. 1- Ice chewing. Some people like to chew on the ice left in their glasses when they finish their drinks. However, this is a seriously teeth damaging habit. Chewing on ice…

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  • Uses for Aspirin

    Think Aspirin Is Only for Headaches? These 6 Wonderful Uses for Aspirin Will Prove You’re Wrong

    When a questionnaire was conducted asking people what they thought are the greatest inventions of humanity, most of them included aspirin in their answers. Why not when it can cure you of many ailments such as headaches, pains, fevers…etc? However, the beneficial uses of aspirin are not limited to treating ailments. Here are some of the greatest uses of aspirin that aren’t related to treating headaches: 1- Dandruff is an annoyingly embarrassing problem even if it means that your scalp is regenerating its cells quickly. Also, I find anti-dandruff shampoos overpriced. Why do you need to buy antidandruff treatments when all you need to do is ground two pills of aspirin to your regular shampoo and your head will be…

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  • Uses for Starch That’ll Make You Buy It in Bulk

    5 Amazing Uses for Starch That’ll Make You Buy It in Bulk

    Many people don’t know anything about starch, and most people don’t use it for anything except making pudding. It usually sits there in the corner of your kitchen cabinet until it reaches its expiration date and be tossed away. However, starch does have plenty of amazing uses for cooking, cleaning, house maintenance, and even for hair care. I will share with you some of the greatest uses of starch: 1- You can remove oily stains from delicate fabrics and materials such as leather and silk. Instead of trying to rub the stain clean and ruining the fabric in the process, cover the stain with a little bit of starch from both sides and leave it for a bit until it…

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  • Check Your Refrigerator Now

    Check Your Refrigerator Now and Get All of These 6 Things Out of It

    Refrigerators are one of the greatest inventions ever. Why not since they are the reason why you could buy food ingredients and store them for a while instead of the back and forth journey to the market or the convenience store. However, people now are so used to using refrigerators that they toss everything inside them, even things that do not need to be kept in cold temperatures. 1- Chilli hot sauce. Chilli has natural anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. Therefore don’t worry about leaving it in your kitchen cabinet instead of your fridge door or shelf. It can stay god and edible in your kitchen cabiet for three years. 2- Potatoes. Potatoes are considered by many a kitchen staple, just…

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  • Myths about The Flu

    Once I’ve Stopped Believing These 7 Myths about The Flu, I Don’t Catch It That Much Anymore

    The flu, or influenza, is that inescapable disease every one of us has caught at least once in their lives. Scientists have yet to figure out why some people catch the flu while others don’t or why the symptoms range in severity from one person to another. In this article we will shed light on some of the myths about the flu people believe in. 1- The youth (children) and the elderly are much more prone to the flu. Adolescents and people in their 20s and 30s don’t catch the flu so often. What’s true is, when your immunity system is not strong enough and you are infected with the flu virus, you will catch the flu whether you are…

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  • Living Healthy with Diabetes Is Not a Myth

    Living Healthy with Diabetes Is Not a Myth; You Can Do It with These 6 Tips

    Being it type 2 diabetes, this disease requires you to do some changes. You need to adjust your life to this case and find methods for adapting with the symptoms of this disease. You need to make some changes in your diet and weight, and you will probably find that to be a difficult issue to you. So you need to change yourself once after once to defeat this disease. Write Down All of the Exercises You do In a Notebook . Record all of the normal activities you make, such as washing dishes, walking to your workplace, swimming in the pool to using the treadmill. This helps you to know if you are making suitable exercises for a sufficient…

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  • Things You Never Knew Your children

    9 Things You Never Knew Your children Need Most from You

    What is it that our children want or need from us? Is it to give them big allowances, all or most of the products of game industry? Tablets, smartphones and Apple watches? A teacher who spent many years of her life teaching used to ask her students this same question every Mother’s Day. Here is what the children said they wanted their parents to do for them: – They want their parents to talk with them in private from to time and show them a sign of affection such as hugging, kissing them or patting them on the back. – They wanted their parents to talk and spend some quality time with them separately, not with their siblings, to make…

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  • “Embark” on a Gastric Bypass Surgery

    Things You Should Know before You “Embark” on a Gastric Bypass Surgery

    Gastric Bypass surgery is one of the widely popular weight loss surgeries people undergo currently. According to, Gastric Bypass is “a surgery that helps you lose weight by changing how your stomach and small intestine handle the food you eat. After the surgery, your stomach will be smaller. You will feel full with less food” There are some things you should know if you are considering a gastric bypass surgery. Such as: 1- It is all about how much you eat. Surgery or not, to lose weight, you need to consume less calories. There is no way around it. The surgery just forces the diet on you by making you feel like you are going to vomit if you…

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  • reasons you should sleep on your left side

    For these reasons you should sleep on your left side

    There is no doubt that any human needs certain number of hours for sleeping to maintain mental and physical health, but many people do not know that the posture of sleeping also plays an important role in maintaining health. Some studies have indicated that sleeping on the left side, in particular, is very important for your health. Discover the reason with us in this article. (1) Sleeping on the left side improves digestion: Studies have shown that sleeping on the left side improves digestion process, as it allows the food to move easily from the large intestine to the colon. (2) Sleeping on the left side is very useful for heart health: Sleeping on the left side alleviate the pressure…

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  • Natural Treatments for Rhinitis

    5 Effective Natural Treatments for Rhinitis

    Rhinitis – which some people call hay fever – is the congestion, sneezing, runny nose, and sinus pressure symptoms you have when you encounter aeroallergens such as pollen, dust mites or animal protein found in animal urine or dander. Rhinitis is a type of allergy. Sadly, scientists haven’t figured out yet the reason why some people are allergic to certain things while others aren’t. There are, however, some natural treatments that can lighten the effects and symptoms of rhinitis, such as: 1) Green Tea: Green tea is a natural treatment for many things, one of which is rhinitis. It prevents your neural cells from overreacting to aeroallergens and over-production of histamine. Two cups of green tea a day is a…

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  • Get Rid of the Fleas Bothering Your Pet

    Get Rid of the Fleas Bothering Your Pet Once and for All with These 6 Natural Solutions

    One of the things that bother those who have pets most are the problem of fleas. Fleas are surely among the tiniest of insects, but they raise hell nonetheless. They can make your pet go crazy chasing his tail to get rid of the damn pests. What is even more annoying is that they, like lice, have a habit of recurring. This usually happens because fleas’ eggs are so light so they can fly and stick to anything around such as the covers, the rugs, the furniture…etc. However, we will offer you some natural solutions to get rid of fleas once and for all. 1- Combing with a flea comb. If you intend to bathe your pet to get rid…

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  • Keep dehydration at Bay and Increase Your Water Intake Easily with These 5 Tips

    Keep dehydration at Bay and Increase Your Water Intake Easily with These 5 Tips

    One of the easiest ways to improve your heath from every aspect is keeping your body hydrated. You need to drink half your body weight in ounces of water at least on a daily basis. In spite of that, some researchers discovered that almost half the people of the world suffer from dehydration. When your water intake is low, it will trigger negative effects in your brain, body temperature, digestion, stamina, mood, performance, and overall health. See the tips below to learn how to rehydrate your body easily. Start your day by drinking water the moment you wake upFirst thing in the morning drink a glass of water before drinking a cup of tea or juice, and even before your…

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  • 4 Toxic Foods That Your Dog Should Never Eat

    4 Toxic Foods That Your Dog Should Never Eat

    Having a dog is one of the most beautiful things in life. But it is very important to know what you can and can’t feed your dog. If you think that dogs can eat everything you eat, it is time to know that you are wrong. Because dogs have a different metabolism than people, feeding human foods to dogs can be very dangerous for their health and may even be fatal in some cases. To be aware of the foods that you should keep out of your dogs reach, here are 4 foods that can be toxic to dogs. 1. Chocolate: Chocolate contains the stimulant chemicals theobromine and caffeine, both of which are very difficult for dogs to metabolize. If…

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  • Kidney disease symptoms and signs that you need to know

    Kidney disease symptoms and signs that you need to know

    Kidneys are the organs which are responsible for flushing down toxins and wastes, keeping our blood clean and healthy. they also aid in marinating the levels of blood pressure and the production of red blood cells and much more. when the kidneys are infected , our whole bodies can suffer from so many consequences that may be life threatening. Some people may have a kidney disease while not aware of it. how can you tell if you have a kidney disease? Read the following article to find out . How Can you Prevent Kidney Disease? Early diagnosis is the key answer. if you have the proper medical care you might slow down the effects of a kidney failure or a…

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  • 5 Warning Signs of Shingles

    5 Warning Signs of Shingles

    Shingles is a viral infection that causes a painful rash. It is caused by herpes zoster, the same various that causes chickenpox. In fact, those who’ve had the chicken pox can end up with shingles years later due to the fact that the infection can live dormant and become active again due to mounting age, lowered immunity, a treatment or medication that suppress immunity, or an infection. It can be a painful condition with severe complications, so recognizing the early symptoms is important because it can help shorten a shingles infection and lessen the chance of complications. Although shingles is often mimics other conditions, there are some telling signs including: 1. Rash: Rash is the most telling sign of Shingles.…

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  • The 6 Most Common Types of Anemia

    The 6 Most Common Types of Anemia

    Anemia is a condition in which the body lacks the amount of red blood cells to keep up with the body’s demand for oxygen. Anemia can be temporary or long term, and it can range from mild to severe. The main causes of anemia are bleeding, hemolysis (excessive destruction of red blood cells), underproduction of red blood cells, and underproduction of normal hemoglobin. There are several types and classifications of anemia. In this article, we share the 6 most common types of anemia. 1. Iron Deficiency: Iron deficiency anemia is the most common type of anemia. It accounts for approximately 50-percent of the diagnosed cases of anemia. This form of anemia is more common in adolescents and in women before…

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  • 6 Foods To Avoid With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    6 Foods To Avoid With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    People with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can find a difficulty controlling their symptoms. The symptoms of IBS range from abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating. But sometimes the symptoms can be affected by the foods they eat, so restricting these foods can reduce the symptoms. In fact, the symptoms vary between people and that is why there is no one list of off-limit foods but by avoiding some of the most trigger foods, you can eliminate a lot of incidences of IBS. Below are 10 of the most common trigger foods that you may want to avoid if you have irritable bowel syndrome. 1. Dairy: Dairy is known to trigger IBS symptoms. That happens because it contains fat which…

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  • 5 Foods To Avoid If You Have Ulcerative Colitis

    5 Foods To Avoid If You Have Ulcerative Colitis

    Ulcerative colitis is a chronic, inflammatory disease of the colon and rectum. People who have this disease always feel worried about eating because food can cause painful symptoms. In fact, there are many foods that can make you feel worse, but by avoiding these foods and following the right diet it will be easier for you to manage this disease. In a study of 78 people with IBD published in June 2016 in Nutrition Journal, 68 of those interviewed said that diet affected their IBD. Seventy-two percent of the people changed their diets to improve symptoms by restricting foods such as dairy products, processed meats, and alcohol. In this article, we have compiled a list of common food trigger that…

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  • Allergic Reaction To Washing Soap Symptoms Causes and Treatment

    Allergic Reaction To Washing Soap, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

    Allergic reaction is the identification of inflammation or irritation to some part of the body, some people can be allergic to the regular washing soap which makes them have an allergic reaction on the skin after getting in contact with soap. Most people that have allergic reaction to soap are those who tend to wash their hands more frequently like health care workers. Even though soap allergy wouldn’t really lead to serious health issues, it can cause Undesired discomfort and irritation that could be prevented by following certain tips. – Symptoms. Allergic reaction to soap is known as contact dermatitis, this skin condition is characterized by red rash that is painful and itchy, sometimes it can be accompanied with blisters,…

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