What is Gingivitis, Gingivitis an inflammation of the gums, Gingivitis is the initial stage of gum disease and the easiest to treat,  The direct cause of gingivitis is plaque, Gingivitis can cause the gums to separate from the teeth,  Gingivitis is major causes of tooth loss in adults, Gingivitis is a non-destructive disease that occurs around the teeth, Gingivitis means inflammation of the gums, Gingivitis occurs because of films of bacteria that accumulate on the teeth,  Home Remedies For Gingivitis, Signs and Symptoms of gingivitis, signs of early gingivitis, Read about gum disease (gingivitis) treatment, Salt is a very effective remedy for gingivitis, how to prevent and treat gingivitis,  natural remedies for gingivitis, natural remedies that can relieve symptoms.



  • Get Rid of Your Gingivitis with These Effective Treatments

    Get Rid of Your Gingivitis with These Effective Treatments

    Gingivitis is a type of mild gum infection. It shows as bleeding when you floss or brush your teeth. If you do have gingivitis, you might experience some other symptoms such as bad breath, redness and swelling of the gums, gum irritation, receding of your gums and teeth falling or teeth dislocating. Gingivitis usually happens because you do not take good care of your teeth or your diet, you are pregnant or diabetic, have poorly made dental appliance, or because you smoke. Before going to the doctor, you might try avoiding any of the things we stated above, and try to apply some of the following treatments. 1- Gargle with salt water. Dissolve a little bit of salt (half a…

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