French Fries

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  • Love French Fries Then You Would Be Happy to Learn These 9 Fun Facts about Them

    Love French Fries? Then You Would Be Happy to Learn These 9 Fun Facts about Them

    What is warm, delicious golden and crunchy from the outside but soft from the inside? As if you need all that to describe French fries! But French fries are really one of the most popular foods ever. And they are the top reason why people buy potatoes. If you love French fries like I do, then I am sure you will love learning the following fun facts about them. !- French fries are not French. I don’t know who ever started this name but the country that invented French fries is Belgium. And yes, even the French say that this is true. 2- It is the first reason why McDonald is so popular. People don’t enjoy any of McDonald’s dishes…

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