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  • the Real Meaning of Ginger

    Do you Know the Real Meaning of Ginger?

    Ginger isn’t an ordinary herb or something we drink or we add to our food, ginger carries a lot of magical solution to so many problems, so let’s start discovering some of its magic tricks. Gingerol is the main compound of ginger; it’s such a great substance with amazing antioxidant and anti inflammatory effects. It has magical effects which makes ginger a great medicine for many diseases and not only a medicine, but also a shield against many diseases as well. People who suffer from motion sickness and nausea, are you there? Because this one is for you, ginger will help you to get over these annoying symptoms and it will give you such a relief. Some studies said that…

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  • Amazing Foods

    Amazing Foods to Boost your Brain

    We all know the great value of this amazing organ called the brain and we all appreciate its amazing functions, but what we don’t know is that we can help it and boost its performance by simply eating some certain kinds of food. The first kind of these foods is the whole grain foods that are presented in some foods like, brown whole grain cereals. Oily Fishes, yes that amazing delicious food is a brilliant brain booster; it can decrease the stress level and put you in a good mood. It contains the omega-3 fats which are considered one of the most important fatty acids that your body needs and you can find it in different kinds of fishes like…

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  • Food can relief pain

    Food can relief pain, is it true?

    Yes, it’s so true and guess what? Some certain foods don’t only relief the pain, but it ends the causes of the pain which makes them better than any pain killer in this world. I know it sounds interesting and you are eager to know what kind of foods that do that, but let me remind you first that following a good healthy diet is always the most important step. Coffee, yes that amazing thing that most of us start their day with, coffee is an amazing pain killer especially when it comes to headaches. You will love it more if you know that taking coffee with pain killer pills double the affect of these pills. Do you suffer from…

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  • Foods New Mommies of Newborns Should Eat

    Top 6 Foods New Mommies of Newborns Should Eat

    For every woman, the peak of happiness is when she has a new baby. It is a joy like no other. However, it is also the most tiring deed of all. Therefore, women need a healthy nutritious diet to restore their health and to be able to breastfeed their babies. In this article, you will learn about some of the foods that can give you, the new mommy, all the nutrients you need. 1- Almonds. Almonds are rich in many types of vitamins and minerals. Each almond can be considered a multivitamin capsule that can nourish you and give you the nutrients you need. They also increase the amount of milk you can give to your baby with their high…

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  • You Should Not Love Pineapples Too Much

    7 Reasons Why You Should Not Love Pineapples Too Much

    Personally, I consider pineapple the king of fruits. Why not when it has this glorious shape, beautiful crown, sweet fragrance that draws you from afar, sweet sour taste and a gorgeous golden color inside and out? It is sad, however, that this amazing fruit has serious flaws as well, flaws that are bad enough that you shouldn’t love pineapples too much and that you should be careful when you eat them. Here are some of these flaws, or reasons: 1- Abortion. It can cause abortion. If a woman is in the first few months of her pregnancy, she is advised to avoid eating pineapples as they may cause abortion. She can eat it at the later stages of her pregnancy.…

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  • Love French Fries Then You Would Be Happy to Learn These 9 Fun Facts about Them

    Love French Fries? Then You Would Be Happy to Learn These 9 Fun Facts about Them

    What is warm, delicious golden and crunchy from the outside but soft from the inside? As if you need all that to describe French fries! But French fries are really one of the most popular foods ever. And they are the top reason why people buy potatoes. If you love French fries like I do, then I am sure you will love learning the following fun facts about them. !- French fries are not French. I don’t know who ever started this name but the country that invented French fries is Belgium. And yes, even the French say that this is true. 2- It is the first reason why McDonald is so popular. People don’t enjoy any of McDonald’s dishes…

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