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  • Everything you need to know to become a nail artist

    Everything you need to know to become a nail artist

    The beauty industry is highly widespread these days providing more opportunities for people who are talented to show off these talents .such as nail artists and technicians . this article is a guide for you to learn how to start a career in this field . read along for more information . There are about 2,200 new job opening for nail technicians in the united states every year , according to experts, it’s one of the fastest growing professions with a very high demand for these artists . Nail artists usually work in salons or at hairdressers but you can always start providing your own service for clients in their or your home. The first step to become a nail…

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  • How to Apply Nail Wraps

    How to Apply Nail Wraps

    Nail wraps are a popular form of nail art. It is a beautiful way to decorate your nails and give it an amazing look. They are available in a wide set of designs, colors, and themes. And now they became thinner and more durable than before. These thin glossy films are applied to your natural nails and there are some brands that can be applied to gel, acrylic, and false nails as well. Nail wraps are very easy and simple to apply and the following steps will tell you how to apply them yourself: 1. Clean your nails with a nail cleanser or nail polish remover to make sure that they are free of grease. Then buff them on the…

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  • Creative Nail Art Designs

    Creative Nail Art Designs

    Nail art is a popular beauty procedure that women use it to get their nails amazing look. By choosing the decorative design you want, you can complete any outfit and enhance your look. There are a variety of nail art designs available on nail salons and some of them can be designed at home. And here we will talk about some of the most common nail art designs. Hand-painted artwork is very easy to do. Many people tend to add some flowers to their nails. For the background, it is better to choose a pale color and choose a much brighter color for the petals of the flowers. And for the center, it can be a lighter shade than the…

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  • A Guide to Nail Art

    A Guide to Nail Art

    Nail art is the best way to enhance an outfit or brighten an everyday look., Hollywood stars and celebrities always showcase the trendiest nail designs on the red carpets, why not try it yourself to show off your creative side and become a fashion icon among your friends? ,the following article will guide you . read along for more . The first thing you should do is to buy a nail kit .it will help you start right .these kits have the top and base coats, polish and colors, special brushes or dotting tools, different patterns, stickers and pins for the designs, you can easily watch some tutorials online that will help you start learning the basics and create some…

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  • Easy Nail Art Ideas You Can Do Yourself

    Easy Nail Art Ideas You Can Do Yourself

    Beautification is not limited to face or the body by also nails are an important factor in any girl’s beauty. Caring of your nails has a great effect on your overall look as strong and long nails can easily beautify your hands look. For caring of your nails, it is crucial to drink lots of water and eat healthy protein-vitamins rich foods. Every girl wants to get her nails a perfect designed look, but it will be somewhat costly to go frequently to a nail salon to do them. So there is no need to pay lots of money while you can do your own design whenever you want in the comfort of your home. Doing your own designs at…

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  • How to be a pro at nail art

    How to be a pro at nail art

    Do you want your nails to look pretty and beautiful all the time ,then you should learn how to be a pro nail artist all by yourself .if you have the right set of tools and if you started practicing a lot with patience you will find that nail art is very easy to do .read on to know how . The first step you should do is to find your inspiration .you can look online for pictures and images on fashion blogs and websites to know about the new designs and beautiful patterns that will suit your taste .Next , you need to start practicing , start by sketching and drawing the outline of your nail designs on paper.…

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