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  • 6 Things Your Nails Can Say About Your Health

    6 Things Your Nails Can Say About Your Health

    Our nails’ shape, texture, and color can be telling signs of our health. Although most of us don’t give attention to them, sometimes our nails’ look can be indicative of chronic diseases. That is why you should see a dermatologist once you notice any significant changes in your nails, including swelling, discolorations, or changes in shape or thickness. It could be nothing, or it could be due to an underlying condition. To know what your nails want to tell you, here are 6 things that can happen to your nails and what they mean for your health. 1. White Spots: The most common cause for the small white spots on your nails is trauma to the nail or to the…

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  • 5 Foolproof Ways To Lighten Your Nails

    5 Foolproof Ways To Lighten Your Nails

    Do your fingernails look yellowish? This may be due to dirt, polish, smoking, genetics or even health problems. But unless the discoloration is very noticeable or your nails are very yellow which may require a visit to a doctor, it is normal to have mild nail discoloration at some point in your life and there are many ways to deal with it. Here are 5 ways to lighten your nails. 1. Tea Tree Oil: Sometimes, nail yellowing happens due to a fungal infection, if this is your case, tea tree oil should be the way to go. Being a natural fungicide makes it the perfect choice to whiten your nails. You’ll apply the straight oil to your nail beds, leave…

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  • Whiten Your Nails With These Easy 5 Remedies

    Whiten Your Nails With These Easy 5 Remedies

    Do you have to apply a coat of nail polish at all the times to hide your yellow nails? If your answer is yes, don’t worry, you are not alone. Many girls suffer from the yellowness of their nails which can happen because of the excessive use of nail polish without giving your nails a break or for some other reasons. So you need to prevent stained nails from happening by applying a base coat on your nails before using the nail polish. But if you nails are already stained you don’t have to polish them at all the times anymore, you can whiten them naturally with few ingredients. Here are 4 amazing home remedies you can try to naturally…

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  • 5 Amazing Solutions for Cracked Nails

    5 Amazing Solutions for Cracked Nails

    Cracked nails are frustrating problem that a lot of people suffer from. Women and the elderly are particularly prone to this condition. Before going through the solution of this problem, let us explain first what the causes of cracked nails are. In fact, cracked nails usually result from external problems such as exposing your hands to harsh soaps, cleaning products, and solvents when your nails expose to such chemicals they begin to fray on the edges, becoming brittle and the layers will spill. Another reason that can cause your nails to crack is your age. As we age, our nails lose their natural oils which act as a glue to hold the nail layers together. Too much exposure to water,…

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  • How to Apply Nail Wraps

    How to Apply Nail Wraps

    Nail wraps are a popular form of nail art. It is a beautiful way to decorate your nails and give it an amazing look. They are available in a wide set of designs, colors, and themes. And now they became thinner and more durable than before. These thin glossy films are applied to your natural nails and there are some brands that can be applied to gel, acrylic, and false nails as well. Nail wraps are very easy and simple to apply and the following steps will tell you how to apply them yourself: 1. Clean your nails with a nail cleanser or nail polish remover to make sure that they are free of grease. Then buff them on the…

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  • The Best Vitamins for Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails

    The Best Vitamins for Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails

    Every woman dreams of healthy hair, glowing skin, and good-looking nails as they are three vital factors that enhance her beauty. The way to achieve this target includes main aspects such as following a balanced diet, drinking sufficient amount of water, sleep well and taking the essential vitamins. There are many vitamins that have proven great effect in terms of enhancing the health of your nails, hair, and skin. But you should know the fact that although vitamin deficiencies could cause problems with skin, hair, and nails, taking a high dose of any one vitamin could cause toxicity symptoms. So it is wise to consult your doctor before taking vitamin supplements to ensure that they are safe for you. Hair:…

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  • Split Nails Repair them easily at home

    Split Nails? Repair them easily at home!

    Nothing is more frustrating than to have a nail or two broken throughout the day or worse to have split nails. Women get desperate sometimes and go for trying acrylic nails but this will worsen the problem not fix it .to avoid the pain and hassle this article shows you how to take care of your nails if they are split easily at home ,read below to find out more . The first step is to prepare the right tools for the job . make sure you buy a quality nail kit as it would be worth it . cheap nail kits never give you good results and may end in more breakage in your nails .these are the tools…

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  • Strengthen Your Brittle Nails with these Amazing DIY Remedies

    Strengthen Your Brittle Nails with these Amazing DIY Remedies

    One of the main things that enhance the beauty of your hands is the nails. But sometimes the way to have good-looking hands is obstructed by weak and brittle nails. Brittle nails is a common problem that face women and men and there are many reasons stand behind this problem like aging, excessive use of nail enamels and nail polish removers, and overexposure to water. This annoying problem can be treated easily with some affordable simple home remedies. Olive oil and Lemon Juice: Massage your nails with a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice twice a week in order to have stronger and healthier nails. Olive oil is capable to go through the nail cuticles to repair and strengthen…

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  • A perfect guide to Acrylic Nails

    A perfect guide to Acrylic Nails

    Beautiful nails are every girl’s dream ,and if your nails can’t give you then that’s why acrylic nails are there for you .They’re easy to apply and very in style if you want to lengthen or strengthen your nails. read on for an a to z guide to acrylic nails. Worry no more If you’re one of those people who nibble on their nails when you’re bored or stressed, acrylic nails are here for rescue .They’re also great if you have the kind of nails that often split and break under the slightest pressure, because acrylic nails may look light and fragile.another trend that’s associated with acrylic nails and you might want to give it a try is nail piercing.…

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  • Apply these secret techniques to make Your Finger nails Look longer

    Apply these secret techniques to make Your Finger nails Look longer

    Nothing beats having slender hands with longer beautiful nails .we have some tips for you to help you achieve that look using only your nail polish! Read below to know which colors can help you do that trick. Clear and nude colors What can suit you better than your natural skin tone ? when you use nude colors you simply hide the line between your nail and finger, you end up creating an optical illusion that serves the idea of longer fingers and nails. colors with pink or beige are the best for this trick and don’t be afraid to swipe the color on your actual skin .you can also experiment with French manicure which gives the natural look, making…

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