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  • Should you exercise after Pregnancy

    Should you exercise after Pregnancy?

    After giving birth to your bundle of joy , you are left with the extra weight you need to get rid of as soon as you can . you don’t need to worry because this article will explain to you how to get back on the right track of being fit and gorgeous .read along ! The first question that must pop to your mind is how soon can I start to exercise? Most women can begin exercising within 6 weeks of giving birth, but women who had a a C-section will be able to exercise after there incision has healed and their doctor has cleared them for exercise. In the beginning your doctor will let you start with some…

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  • What vitamins are important during pregnancy

    What vitamins are important during pregnancy?

    Nothing makes a woman happier than expecting a child and bringing him up .during pregnancy a woman experiences a lot of hormonal and physical changes . these changes demands a lot of extra nutrition and vitamins .what are the important vitamins that you should take during your pregnancy ? read below to find out more. Folic acid is the most vitamin heard of during pregnancy. it should be prescribed since the beginning of pregnancy until 12 weeks. Folic acid is found in salads, apricot, avocado, carrots, liver, melons, whole grains, egg yolk and yeast. the food cannot provide you with enough amounts of folic acid, so you need to buy some dietary supplements. Another Important vitamin on the list is…

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  • Can Gestational Diabetes affect your baby

    Can Gestational Diabetes affect your baby ?

    Gestational diabetes is when a pregnant woman has high levels of glucose in her blood. The reason behind this high level of glucose is that the mother can’t produce enough insulin . but can this has an effect on the unborn baby’s health ? read the article below to find out . If you are African American, Latino, overweight, then you are most likely to be at risk . these women tend to have higher than normal blood glucose, however a visit to your doctor will help you know if you are at risk or not .This illness is also more common in women who have a family history of diabetes. However there are other factors to be considered like…

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  • Tips for a healthy pregnancy

    Tips for a healthy pregnancy

    Pregnant women should take care of their health because it’s crucial for the babies especially on their first trimester. It is where the baby is developing its vital organs such as the brain, spinal cord and etc. the following article provides you with some tips in order to have a healthy pregnancy. First of all , If you are a smoker and pregnant you must stop smoking immediately as it can lead to a miscarriage. If you find it hard to quit you can always get medical help . Its normal that you visit the toilet more frequently than you used to , but you shouldn’t cut down your intake of fluids to avoid that .Having enough fluids is very…

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  • Foods to avoid during Pregnancy

    Foods to avoid during Pregnancy

    If you are pregnant you must know that you have to stay in a good shape while remaining healthy as well . A good diet is vital to health during pregnancy, and to the normal development of the baby. Your baby needs every vitamin and nutrient, you can achieve that by eating the right foods and also by avoiding the ones that can cause you infections or may affect your baby negatively . read this article to know more information . There are some types of food that can cause infections which be harmful to you and your baby . they are often rare , but why take the risk ? the most important thing is to be safe than…

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  • Learn about 7 yoga benefits during pregnancy

    Learn about 7 yoga benefits during pregnancy

    A pregnant woman should exercise just like anyone else .yoga allows the body to relax and for the muscles and joints to be more flexible and what else would a pregnant woman need other than to ease the discomfort of the extra weight? Read this article to find out about yoga benefits for pregnancy. 1 – yoga can make you feel better because it will help you look better giving you a better posture and muscle tone .thus raising your self esteem 2 – yoga helps you control those mood swings and stress that you experience during pregnancy .stress and tension are very harmful to your baby as they are transferred to it easily . 3 – Pregnant women often…

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  • Why is folic acid important during pregnancy

    Why is folic acid important during pregnancy?

    Folic acid is very important for adults and children as it’s a major factor in building DNA thus preventing cancer cells .suitable amounts of folate or folic acid in your system before pregnancy are highly important because when you become pregnant, the fetus is undergoing cell growth as mentioned above . if you want to learn more information about folic acid then read the article below . The reason why Pregnant women are the most ones who need this vitamin is that because its highly needed for the cells and tissues of the developing fetus.if the baby isn’t getting enough folic acid , its most likely to be born with defects. A pregnant woman needs to eat foods with folic…

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  • The most common problems during pregnancy

    The most common problems during pregnancy

    Pregnancy is the most joyful time for a mother, in spite of the happiness a woman experiences a lot of hormonal changes in her body leading to many symptoms like mood swings, vomiting, morning sickness and more .sometimes things get more complicated than that. These complications, if not addressed in time, can lead to a high-risk pregnancy. Read this article to learn more about some problems that can occur during pregnancy. Constipation happens due to the hormonal changes and it’s the most common symptom during pregnancy . During this time the digestive system absorbs more water than food, which makes the feces harder and difficult to pass. Moreover, the intestinal muscles become loose, and weight of the fetus.the best way…

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  • Pregnant Practice yoga now!

    Pregnant? Practice yoga now!

    Practicing yoga while you are pregnant helps you stay in the best condition during giving birth and after it as it helps fight depression and stress .the best thing about yoga during pregnancy is that its very easy as the hormones in your body makes your joints become loose thus practice is a lot better and you become extremely flexible .read along for more information. Can your baby feel that you are stressed ? To know the importance and effects of yoga first we should learn about the science behind why we should practice it .There are two nervous systems in the human body sympathetic and parasympathetic. the sympathetic system Causes the blood pressure to raise, the breath rate to…

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  • Things you need to know When You're Pregnant at 40

    Things you need to know When You’re Pregnant at 40

    When women get pregnant at 40 they tend to feel anxious and worried all the time due to the fact that age can cause problems during the pregnancy period. There is no need to worry but its better to learn about the fact to be on the safe side and to deliver a healthy baby with now worries. Read this article for more information If you are not pregnant yet but you wish to conceive, the first thing to do is to discuss it with a fertility doctor to know about all the risks that you might face . women are born with a certain amount of eggs. These eggs age throughout your life, so by the time you reach…

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  • 6 Effective Tips for Getting Pregnant

    6 Effective Tips for Getting Pregnant

    If you are planning for your first child or you want to have more kids, following some tips and advices from pregnancy experts can maximize your chances of having a baby. And the following tips will be quite useful for you in order to get pregnant faster. 1) See your doctor for a preconception check-up. He will give you the best advices for you condition and he can also give you prenatal vitamins that you should take before conception such as those that contain folic acid as they are very important for preventing your future baby from having certain defects. 2) In the fact, experts agree that there isn’t a specific sexual position that enhances your chances for getting pregnant…

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  • 8 Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

    8 Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is an important phase of every woman’s life. During the 40 weeks of pregnancy, there are many changes that happen to the expecting mother and the baby. The early symptoms of pregnancy depict the implantation of fertilized egg in the uterus. The symptoms of pregnancy vary from a woman to another. Many women recognize that they are pregnant after 2 or 3 weeks of their pregnancy as the symptoms of pregnancy in the first week are not visible. But here we will explain the main symptoms that indicate that you are pregnant. First of all, the most common sign of pregnancy is a delayed or missed period. So your first day of your pregnancy is the first day of…

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  • Why you Should Avoid Eating Processed Food During Pregnancy

    Why you Should Avoid Eating Processed Food During Pregnancy

    During pregnancy, there are some foods that you should avoid eating as they can cause health problems for your baby. Processed foods are one of the foods that you should completely avoid consuming them during pregnancy. Processed foods are foods that have been changed from their naturals taste to improve shelf life and taste. During pregnancy, your unborn baby relies on the foods you eat to provide him with the best nutrition. Processed foods are packed with trans fat, salt, and other unhealthy ingredients which can cause risks to your baby’s health. Here we will explain the possible effects of processed foods on your baby’s health. Processed Foods Contain Sugar: Foods and drinks that contain excessive amounts of sugar should…

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  • What is the Normal Gain Weight For Pregnant Women

    What is the Normal Gain Weight For Pregnant Women?

    Weight gain during pregnancy is something normal and important for a healthy mother and baby. Eating for two is a wrong belief as you don’t need to double your calories intake, all you need is to take on enough calories for your baby providing him with enough nutrients. During pregnancy, you need to consume between 200 and 300 extra calories to ensure a healthy pregnancy which is not too much food. As an example, 300 calories are the equivalent of four apples, three bananas or two more slices of bread a day. The exact amount of weight gain during pregnancy varies from a woman to another and depends on how much you weighed before pregnancy. But according to doctors, women…

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  • What You need to Know about Gaining Weight During Pregnancy

    What You need to Know about Gaining Weight During Pregnancy

    Gaining weight is a troubling issue for many pregnant women. Although it is a normal process and it is helpful for the fetus, the sudden weight gain in pregnancy can cause serious problems such as gestational diabetes, severe leg and back pain, and fatigue. Pregnancy trimester weight charts show that during pregnancy weight gain should be slow and steady, but there is a big number of women who gain weight more that the recommended levels. They don’t need to panic as this issue can be managed through exercise and balanced diet. Here is the recommended weight for expectant mothers: – Women of normal weight before pregnancy should gain between 25 to 35 pounds. – Underweight women should gain between 28…

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  • Health problems Before Pregnancy and Their Complications

    Health problems Before Pregnancy and Their Complications

    Every woman should tell her doctor about any existing health problems before pregnancy. In case you are being treated for an exact health problem, your doctor might want to give you different medicines. Some medicines could have negative effects on your growing baby if taken during pregnancy. But don’t stop taking your usual medication without consulting your doctor because that can lead to serious complications. The supervision of the doctor to your health problems will make you ensure having a normal, healthy baby. Here are some of the most common health problems before pregnancy and their effects. Asthma: Poorly managed asthma can lead to preeclampsia, underweight babies, premature birth, and other complications. Consult your doctor to give you the suitable…

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  • Foods to avoid During Pregnancy

    Foods to avoid During Pregnancy

    There are many foods that you should include in your pregnancy diet for giving a birth to a healthy baby; and also there are several types of food that you should avoid during pregnancy. These foods can cause several risks for both you and your growing baby. In the following part, we will explain some of these foods that you should avoid during pregnancy. • Raw Eggs: Raw eggs may contain bacteria causing food poisoning known as salmonella which pregnant women are more susceptible to contracting. It is advisable to use pasteurized eggs rather than the unpasteurized. So you should avoid eating foods made with raw eggs. • Soft Cheese: All kinds of soft cheeses such as Feta, Brie, Gorgonzola,…

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  • Common Physical Changes During Pregnancy

    Common Physical Changes During Pregnancy

    During pregnancy, there are many natural changes start to happen. These physical changes that happen are caused by hormonal imbalances that are very normal during pregnancy. Once you get pregnant, you will experience the symptoms of morning sickness, nausea, and dizziness. Apart from these symptoms, we are going to explain the major physical changes that most pregnant women experience during pregnancy. • Weight Gain: Gaining weight during your gestation period is a normal change which you shouldn’t worry about it. The hormonal changes of your body cause a drastic transformation to your appetite. This natural transformation is something that you can’t change but what you can do is to eat healthy foods for improving your own and your baby’s health.…

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  • A Guide for Planning Healthy Pregnancy Diet

    A Guide for Planning Healthy Pregnancy Diet

    Eating healthy during pregnancy is vital for your own and your unborn baby’s health. Following a balanced diet that includes all essential nutrients is extremely important for any expectant mother in order to have a healthy baby. Once you know that you are pregnant you should create a diet plan for a healthy pregnancy, it may be difficult for you especially if you are a first-time mother but the following information can help you greatly in creating a right diet plan. A balanced diet for a healthy pregnancy should contain calcium-rich foods like milk, yogurt, buttermilk, and cheese. It also must include foods that are rich in vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid, iron, protein, and vitamin C. These…

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  • 7 Weeks Pregnant Funny Symptoms and Exciting Developments

    7 Weeks Pregnant: Funny Symptoms and Exciting Developments

    Pregnancy Due Date Calculator The first seven weeks of your pregnancy are key times for your baby’s growth, but he\she is too tiny and you couldn’t feel his\her movements yet. However, the changing hormones of your body cause funny, silly, and painful symptoms that may keep you tired along the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy. If you need to prepare yourself for such a stage, this article will certainly help you. The seventh week is an early stage to look pregnant; so, you may face funny comments when you purchase pregnant and kids clothes or visit your healthcare provider periodically. Your unusual carving to certain food categories, especially if they are unavailable at your time or place, or food…

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  • A Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy Nutrition

    A Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy Nutrition

    Having the proper pregnancy nutrition is crucial for thepregnant women. The healthy eating habits help in nourishing the growing fetus. Maintaining a healthy nutrition will give birth to a healthy baby. So a nutritious diet that includes fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals will provide your baby with a healthy growth. A recent research has shown that the diet and nutrition of the expectant mother not only affect the physical development but also affect the intelligence of a child. In the first treble months of pregnancy, the woman needs to have appropriate quantities of high protein, calcium, minerals, vitamins such as vitamin B12, B6, vitamin D, zinc and folic acid. A pregnant woman needs about 300 more calories during last 6…

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  • Guidelines for a Healthy Pregnancy

    Guidelines for a Healthy Pregnancy

    Bringing a new life into this world is no doubt one of the most magical moments of your life. And having a healthy pregnancy is what every pregnant woman seeks. In order to help you stay healthy and enjoy a happy nine pregnancy months here are some simple tips for healthy pregnancy. 1. Maintain a balanced diet and healthy eating habits. The proper nutrition during pregnancy is vital for a healthy pregnancy. Consider eating high-protein foods like dairy products as well as fiber-rich vegetables and fruits. Also, foods that are rich in iron, calcium, vitamins, and minerals should be included in your daily diet. 2. Get rid of unhealthy habits. Give up smoking during pregnancy and stop drinking alcohol and…

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  • How to lower high blood pressure During Pregnancy

    How to lower high blood pressure During Pregnancy?

    Many pregnant women experience high blood pressure or hypertension. Once a woman conceives her body automatically starts the preparations for accommodating the growing baby. These preparations include many changes and one of these changes is an increased blood flow in the body to fulfill the needs of the baby. If the increase of blood pressure is high, this can lead to hypertension. This hypertension shouldn’t be neglected because it can harm the pregnant woman and her child. First-time mothers have higher chances of developing high blood pressure which is also called gestational hypertension. You should visit your doctor for regular checks to ensure that you don’t develop preeclampsia (dangerous condition of high blood pressure) that can cause death for both…

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  • The Risks of Smoking During Pregnancy

    The Risks of Smoking During Pregnancy

    Any woman should think better before having a baby and try to quit certain harmful habits such as drinking alcohol, a medicine which may harm the baby and smoking. Smoking during pregnancy is one of the most dangerous things any pregnant can do as we all know that it can cause severe health complications for the baby both during pregnancy and after the delivery. The cigarette smoke is full of harmful chemical substances and some of these chemicals like tar, carbon monoxide and nicotine are considered as the riskiest substance for the fetus. Expecting mothers who smoke during pregnancy are prone to experience an ectopic pregnancy. This is more likely to happen when the mom was smoking heavily in the…

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  • What to Eat for a Healthy Pregnancy

    What to Eat for a Healthy Pregnancy

    Many women think that they have to drastically change their diet or eating habits once they are pregnant, which is not right. All you need to do is to follow a well-balanced diet during your pregnancy as it is a vital factor for your own health and your baby health too. Every woman needs to make sure that she is eating everything she should without gaining too much weight. They should know first that they need to get 300 extra calories per day during their pregnancy to satisfy their nutritional intake and ensure their baby’s growth. During your pregnancy, you need to increase your intake of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, iron, folic acid and vitamins. These are the basic elements…

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  • The best tips to Increase Breast Milk Naturally

    The best tips to Increase Breast Milk Naturally

    Nothing is more important for a mother than making sure that her new born is having as enough nutrition as his body needs.this article will give you important tips to increase breast milk naturally and on for more information. Drinks : The most important tip is to keep your body hydrated. Drink enough water ,This will automatically increase the breast milk production daily.a warm glass of milk with a teaspoon of cumin powder in it is another thing you should drink for the same reason. Cinnamon can also help your breast produce more milk for your baby. Dissolve a teaspoon of it in a glass of warm milk and add a teaspoon of honey to the mixture to make…

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  • Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks with these Tips

    Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks with these Tips

    The appearance of pregnancy stretch marks presents a risk to any pregnant women. They are painless and not harmful. Stretch marks start out as red streaks and if not handled they turn silvery. The appearance of these marks can be reduced or prevented if the mom acts early in her pregnancy. And here are some tips to follow in order to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. 1. Drink lots of water. Water helps detoxify your body and keep you hydrated and refreshed throughout the day. Water also keeps your skin cells plump making your skin healthier and less prone to stretch marks. It is recommended to drink from 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to get a…

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  • How can diabetes be associated with pregnancy

    How can diabetes be associated with pregnancy

    Gestational diabetes is a condition that occurs during pregnancy even for women who don’t have a previous history with the disease . This can be noticed in the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. It occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin or the body is unable to process the insulin properly, resulting in high levels of glucose In spite of the fact that it would be irritating for a pregnant woman but with a healthy diet and exercise gestational diabetes can be controlled. Insulin shots are sometimes administered along with blood tests .however when a woman is almost due, the insulin shots can be stopped under the doctors supervision . in some cases the doctor will…

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  • Knowing your Baby’s Gender before Ultrasound

    Excited about Knowing your Baby’s Gender before Ultrasound? Let’s Find How

    I know that it may sound wired, but some old wives tales said it’s true, there are some signs that happen during your pregnancy that can help you to know whether you are having a boy or a girl before the ultrasound check. The first sign is done by looking at you belly, if your pregnancy is high in your abdomen then you are having a body and if it’s low in abdomen that means you are having a little princess. You will love having boys for this one, if you witness a lot of morning sickness in the first trimester of your pregnancy well, your little girl must be the reason and if it’s not too much, it’s a…

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  • Tips for Safe Pregnancy Stages

    Useful Tips for Safe Pregnancy Stages

    Every pregnant woman’s dream is to have a safe pregnant time with no problems or complications, it’s not hard, all what you want is to be aware of what you should do before, during and after your pregnancy and that what am here for, I will give you some tips to help you to have a safe pregnancy and delivery time. Ok, let’s start from the very beginning, the moment when you decide that you want to have a baby. Future mum, you should stop some harmful stuff like, smoking, caffeine and alcohol, you should also avoid using any toxic substances and if you suffer from any medical condition like, high blood pressure or diabetes, you should talk to your…

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  • Bleeding During Pregnancy

    Helpful Information about Bleeding During Pregnancy

    Bleeding during pregnancy could happen for so many reasons and could have many shapes of symptoms, but ladies don’t worry it doesn’t have to be something scary or something to worry about. Let’s talk deeper, most bleeding cases happens in the first trimester and that means the first three months, it has many shapes and factors, the symptoms could be a light bleeding and that one is safe and even normal in some cases and the other is a heavy bleeding and that one could be an alert for something serious happening, but not in all cases too. The factors behind the light and heavy bleeding are a lot, so let’s find out more. the light bleeding that happens at…

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  • Pregnancy Tips

    Looking for Some Important Pregnancy Tips? Read this One

    Pregnancy is an amazing thing that can happen to any woman, it’s like magic, you go through a lot of beautiful things and you experience amazing feelings. But like anything new, you may face some difficulties or unusual changes. This world of pregnancy is also full of myths that come from the word, so I heard! The most important thing you should do is to talk to your doctor about your questions, concerns, doubts or changes and never listen to anything from any untrusted sources, this the best for your own and your baby’s safety. Now, you are living a new life, you have a miracle growing inside of you and as your life will change with the baby, your…

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  • Dieting Tips during your Pregnancy

    Important Dieting Tips during your Pregnancy

    There is no doubt that pregnancy requires extra care than other normal times of your life, you are not only responsible of your own health, but also of your little baby too. You need to follow some main tips to get the best nutrients during that time and am here to help you, so let’s start. The first thing you should know about eating during pregnancy, it’s not about just eating for eating, it’s about eating the right and beneficial foods. One of the important elements that you should include in your diet is protein, it’s a great source of amino acid that you need in your pregnancy, it will make you feel full for long times and will give…

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