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  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Womenff

    Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Women

    Vitamins and minerals are essential for our bodies, each vitamin or mineral is needed in a specific dosage in order to sustain proper bodily functions. However most women nowadays are not getting enough of the good stuff through their diets. Indeed many women are deficient in some vitamins and they don’t even know it. So just to make sure you are getting the basic vitamins in your system, consider taking these essential vitamins for women in supplements. 1- Vitamin A. This antioxidant is very essential for women health, it will delay aging, cut risks of cancer and heart diseases as well as improving vision and bosting immunity, but be aware that high doses of it can be toxic. The recommended…

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  • Cod Liver Oil Supplements, How to Take and Cautions

    Cod Liver Oil Supplements, How to Take and Cautions

    Cod liver oil capsules are dietary supplements that can be taken for several reasons, the greatest health benefit for cod liver oil supplements lays in the omega-3 fatty acids contained in the supplements which helps your body in a number of ways. Regular consumption of omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce your risk of heart diseases or even allow you to get over depression. Cod liver oil is different to the regular fish oil supplements, it has a more pungent taste and contains more vitamin A and D.  Due to the strong fish taste, cod liver oil would often be found in capsules form to make it easier to consume. Here’s how to take cod liver oil supplements. Step One.…

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  • Four Signs You Are Deficient In Vitamin D

    Four Signs You Are Deficient In Vitamin D

    You are eating a healthy diet, keeping an regular exercise routine, getting enough sleep, making sure to stay hydrated and slathering on sunscreen before catching any rays. All are great health choices but despite your efforts you could still be ignoring one important issue that could be setting you up for high blood pressure and diabetes by two times. Vitamin D is not found in many foods and almost one billion people worldwide have vitamin D deficiency. If you are not getting enough sun or suspect you may be deficient in vitamin D, here are the top signs for vitamin D deficiency. 1- Excessive Sweating. It is often the first sign to suspect vitamin D deficiency in newborns, the same…

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  • Top 4 Vitamins For Vegan

    Top 4 Vitamins For Vegan

    Being vegan requires you to make sure that you are getting adequate nutrition because but when you are eating a vegan diet, sometimes you don’t consume as many vitamins and minerals as you should. Since many vitamins and minerals are more readily available from animal sources, it’s important to know how taking certain supplements could affect your health. So it is always recommended that you consult your doctor before taking any supplements. Here are few of the best supplements vegans should know about. 1. B12: Vitamin B 12 is one of the essential B-complex nutrients as it is important for brain and nervous system health, metabolism, and the formation of oxygen-transporting red blood cells. Studies show that vegetarians and vegans…

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  • Vitamin B12 Defecienciy symptoms and Who is at risk

    Vitamin B12 Defecienciy symptoms and Who is at risk

    Vitamin B 12 deficiency is claimed to be one of the highest rates of nutrients deficiencies in the world, recent studies showed that it one of the most leading health concerns in many parts of the world including the USA, Central America, India, Mexico, parts of Africa and South America. Vitamin B12 is essential to regulate your mood, Metabolism, energy levels, maintain your heart, skin, memory, digestion and more. Vitamin B12 is also crucial in treating adrenal fatigue, maintaining healthy metabolic function, healthy hormonal balance and cardiovascular function. Due to its wide importance to many functions in the body, deficiency of this vitamin could result in a wide range of annoying symptoms including chronic fatigue, depression, excessive stress and lack…

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  • The Most Unexpected Sources of Sodium to Be Aware of

    The Most Unexpected Sources of Sodium to Be Aware of

    Even though the debate about whether or not sodium is as bad for our health as we have been taught or not is still going. Sodium is known to be the cause for several health issues like bloating, high blood pressure and excessive sweating. While sodium found in salt is to an extent needed for our health, it should be taken with a limit and unfortunately most of us take more than our bodies need of it. The average person should consume a little less than a teaspoon of salt everyday but of course all of us even hypertension patients take more than that amount a day especially if you are a lover of fast food. Fast food in particular…

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  • Multivitamins not related with coronary illness, paying little respect to starting dietary admission

    Multivitamins not related witMultivitamins not related with coronary illness, paying little respect to starting dietary admission

    In another review, distributed for the current week in JAMA Cardiology, agents inspected whether multivitamins may help avoid CVD occasions among those in the PHS II with less nutritious eating methodologies. In any case, their outcomes recommend that gauge wholesome status has no unmistakable effect on whether a day by day multivitamin influences the danger of CVD or general mortality. More than half of more seasoned American grown-ups take an everyday multivitamin supplement, yet confirmation of any reasonable medical advantages is rare. The Physicians’ Health Study II (PHS II) remains the main randomized, extensive scale, long haul trial to test whether an everyday multivitamin lessened cardiovascular illness hazard, and analysts found that following 11 years of development, there was no…

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  • Research demonstrates a connection between zinc levels and cardiovascular wellbeing

    Research demonstrates a connection between zinc levels and cardiovascular wellbeing

    Notwithstanding fundamental metabolic capacities, the level of zinc in the body additionally influences the heart muscle. At the point when oxidative anxiety happens, it might be because of a lack of zinc, which can be controlled by looking at the heart muscle. A review by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) demonstrates the connection between the aggregate sum of zinc in the body and heart function. Because of its high metabolic action, the specialists have concentrated on concentrate the heart muscle. An especially high number of free radicals happen here in respect to the measure of tissue mass. Moreover, the heart muscle additionally has a lower anti-oxidative limit than different tissues. In this way, it is especially powerless to oxidative…

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  • 5 Incredible Health Benefits of Zinc

    5 Incredible Health Benefits of Zinc

    Zinc is an important mineral which plays a vital role in protein synthesis and helps regulate the cell production in the immune system of the human body. Zinc is required for proper growth and development. It is actually present within all bodily tissue and needed for healthy cell division. If you want to know more about how important is zinc for your health. Here are 5 health benefits of zinc. 1. Balances Hormones: Zinc benefits hormonal health and fertility because it plays an important role in hormone production, including increasing testosterone naturally. Zinc also impacts female sex hormones and is even involved in the creation and release of eggs within and from the ovaries. Zinc is needed for the production…

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  • vitamin D inadequacy likely because of sunscreen use, a study explains

    vitamin D inadequacy likely because of sunscreen use, a study explains

    Comes about because of a clinical audit distributed in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association find almost 1 billion individuals worldwide may have lacking or deficient levels of vitamin D because of incessant malady and insufficient sun presentation identified with sunscreen use. While we need individuals to secure themselves against skin disease, there are sound, direct levels of unprotected sun presentation that can be exceptionally useful in boosting vitamin D.” “Individuals are investing less energy outside and, when they do go out, they’re regularly wearing sunscreen, which basically invalidates the body’s capacity to deliver vitamin D,” said Kim Pfotenhauer, DO, collaborator educator at Touro University and an analyst on this review. “The review likewise found that 95 percent of…

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  • Top 5 Vitamin A Rich Foods

    Top 5 Vitamin A Rich Foods

    Vitamin A is an essential vitamin required for maintaining vision, body growth, boosting immune system and reproductive health. Getting adequate amounts of vitamin A from your diet should prevent the symptoms of deficiency, which include hair loss, skin problems, dry eyes, night blindness and increased susceptibility to infections. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, and therefore, needs to be consumed with fat in order to have optimal absorption. Fortunately, vitamin A can be founded in many foods and below is the list of 5 foods that are high in vitamin A. 1. Carrot: Carrot is one of the richest foods in vitamin A. The vitamin A in carrot comes in the form of beta-carotene, a healthy antioxidant. Eating plenty of…

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  • Trigger of lupus controlled by omega 3

    Trigger of lupus controlled by omega 3

    A group of Michigan State University specialists has found that expending an omega-3 unsaturated fat called DHA, or docosahexaenoic corrosive, can stop a known trigger of lupus and possibly other immune system issue. “What we found was when lupus was activated by crystalline silica, a lethal mineral otherwise called quartz that is connected to human autoimmunity, DHA obstructed the initiation of the infection,” said Melissa Bates, one of the review’s lead creators and a doctoral understudy in MSU’s Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition and the Institute of Integrative Toxicology. “Ninety-six percent of the lung sores were halted with DHA subsequent to being activated by the silica,” said Jack Harkema, another review creator and aspiratory pathologist. “I’ve never observed…

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  • Vitamin E is essential for individuals with metabolic disorder

    Vitamin E is essential for individuals with metabolic disorder

    New research has demonstrated that individuals with metabolic disorder require fundamentally more vitamin E – which could be a genuine worry, in light of the a huge number of individuals who have this condition that is frequently identified with obesity. A study distributed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition additionally made it clear that ordinary tests to quantify vitamin E levels in the blood may have restricted precision contrasted with tests made in research labs, to the point that routine tests can really veil a basic issue. Vitamin E is a cancer prevention agent essential for cells. It likewise influences genes, immunity, helps in repair of wounds and the harm of atherosclerosis, is essential for vision and neurologic capacity,…

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  • Nutrition connected to mind wellbeing and insight in older grown-ups

    Nutrition connected to mind wellbeing and insight in older grown-ups

    Lutein assists with the conservation of “intelligence” and is get through the eating regimen, essentially through eating verdant green vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, for example, broccoli, or egg yolks. An investigation of more established grown-ups joins utilization of a shade found in verdant greens to the safeguarding of “crystallized intelligence,” the capacity to utilize the abilities and information one has obtained over a lifetime. The review is accounted for in the diary Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. Lutein (LOO-adolescent) is one of a few plant colors that people gain through the eating regimen, essentially by eating verdant green vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, for example, broccoli, or egg yolks, said University of Illinois graduate understudy Marta Zamroziewicz, who drove the review with Illinois brain…

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  • The 4 Best Ways To Boost Your Calcium Intake

    The 4 Best Ways To Boost Your Calcium Intake

    Calcium is one of the most important minerals for our health. It is essential for bone and teeth health and it also helps control muscle and nerve functions, as well as regulates the acid/alkaline balance (called pH) in the blood. Calcium is found in your body more than any other mineral. Almost 99 percent of it is stored in your bones and teeth. The other 1 percent is present in the blood, muscles and other bodily tissues and fluid. Calcium deficiency can lead to some serious problems such as osteoporosis, rickets, muscle spasm or numbness in various parts of the body. In this article, we share some tips you need to do to increase your calcium intake. • Consume Calcium-Rich…

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  • Food Sources of B Vitamins

    Food Sources of B Vitamins

    B vitamins are a class of water-soluble vitamins that play many important roles in cell metabolism. They help the body release the energy it gets from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. They are also needed for proper growth and development, and are essential for your blood cells, hormones, and nervous system. There are several foods available which are highly rich in vitamin-B complex, as it is widely distributed in most of the food items. Since sometimes certain foods contain good sources of just one B vitamin, while other contain several B vitamins, many people don’t know what they should eat to get B vitamins. For this reason, below we share a list of best food items with vitamin B. • Thiamine…

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  • 4 Astonishing Health Benefits of Vitamin D

    4 Astonishing Health Benefits of Vitamin D

    Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a magnificent role in your overall health. Vitamin D is produced in your body when your skin is exposed to the sun. This vitamin has many health benefits, but most of us don’t get enough doses of it. This vitamin is found in foods such as fatty fish, organ meats, certain mushrooms, and fortified foods. In this article, we share 4 health benefits you can get if you have adequate blood levels of vitamin D. 1. Enhances Bone Health: Vitamin D is important for our bone health because it increases the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from our diet. When you are not getting enough vitamin…

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  • Top 7 Vitamin K Rich Foods

    Top 7 Vitamin K Rich Foods

    Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that is associated with blood clotting. Vitamin K activates the protein that clots the blood and it is important for strong bones and cell growth. A vitamin K deficiency can lead to heart disease, weakened bones, tooth decay and cancer. In severe cases, vitamin K deficiency can also chock the patient to death. Vitamin K can be found in many different natural ingredients including vegetables, fruits, herbs, and meat. Listed below are ten vitamin K foods that you can include in your daily diet to keep up its levels in your body. 1. Kale: Kale is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin K on the planet. This dark-green leafy vegetable is considered…

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  • 7 Beauty Uses of Vitamin E Oil For Your Skin

    7 Beauty Uses of Vitamin E Oil For Your Skin

    Vitamin E oil is one of the most effective natural remedies that can do wonders for your skin. In fact, vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant that can fight the damage done by free radicals and thus reduce the level of oxidative stress. Due to its antioxidant properties, vitamin E oil can be very beneficial for your skin. If you don’t know how to make use of the amazing benefits of vitamin E oil for your skin, keep reading this article. Here are top 7 uses of vitamin E oil for skin: 1. Reverses Premature skin Aging: Vitamin E can be used to fight both wrinkles and fine lines. It boosts the production of collagen, a fiber-like protein that is…

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  • Are Calcium Supplements healthy for the heart

    Are Calcium Supplements healthy for the heart?

    A new research claims that calcium supplement may not be good for the heart .apparently this should be a warning for people to think twice before consuming large amounts of vitamins thinking that they are only healthy with no side effects . the number of Americans who consume supplements is estimated to be 43 percentage of the population as stated by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Moreover its important to know that Heart diseases affect 370,000 Americans annually, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The study mentions that excessive amounts of accumulated calcium may damage the cardiovascular system as stated by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. People who participated in the study…

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  • A Review on Biotin 5000 Mcg

    A Review on Biotin 5000 Mcg

    Many women suffer from thinning hair or hair loss. The reasons are countless and they may differ from a woman to another according to age , health condition , genetics , lifestyle and more. The market is full of products that claim it can revive your hair again and stop it from shedding. The following article is an review on a supplement that became very popular recently .read below to find out more . The product comes with a tag that says the following ; Biotin is water soluble B vitamin that assists protein and fat metabolism for energy use. Water soluble vitamins are not stored in to the body so they should be consumed every day. Biotin also helps…

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  • A Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy Nutrition

    A Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy Nutrition

    Having the proper pregnancy nutrition is crucial for thepregnant women. The healthy eating habits help in nourishing the growing fetus. Maintaining a healthy nutrition will give birth to a healthy baby. So a nutritious diet that includes fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals will provide your baby with a healthy growth. A recent research has shown that the diet and nutrition of the expectant mother not only affect the physical development but also affect the intelligence of a child. In the first treble months of pregnancy, the woman needs to have appropriate quantities of high protein, calcium, minerals, vitamins such as vitamin B12, B6, vitamin D, zinc and folic acid. A pregnant woman needs about 300 more calories during last 6…

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  • Top foods rich in Vitamin B12

    Top foods rich in Vitamin B12

    Dietary supplements aren’t always the best solution for your body . Sometimes we have to consume enough food rich in vitamins that our bodies need to stay of these vitamins is vitamin b12.deficiency in vitamin B12 may cause various problems. Some of them include anemia, fatigue and depression and I severe cases nerve the following article to know which foods you should include in your diet to make sure your body gets its requirements from vitamin b12.. Fish : The first on the list is Sardines.Consuming a 3.20-ounce serving of sardines provides as much as 338% of your daily requirement of vitamin B12. Just like sardines, salmon is also packed with protein,vitamin b12 and omega-3 fatty acids .morever,Tuna…

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  • Essential Nutrients to Improve Your Beauty and Health

    Essential Nutrients to Improve Your Beauty and Health

    The vitamins, minerals, oils, and fiber provide your body the needed power, functionality, and external appearance. You should keep a sense of balance among the existing nutrients in your body consuming healthy food and natural supplements to improve your hair, skin, weight, and internal organs. The health and beauty of your hair and skin control your overall beauty and provide you a sign that you have a healthy body. Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E can improve your immunity, stimulate the production of collagen, and enhance the function of your muscles, nerves, skin, hair, and nails. You can take vitamin supplements for quick results, but the natural food will provide you a unique combination of nutrients that work in…

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  • things you do not know about biotin

    6 things you do not know about biotin

    Biotin is simply vitamin H and like all other nutrients it can be attained through food or supplements. Following a well balanced diet will provide you with enough biotin. However, diabetics are advised to opt for biotin supplements to manage their blood sugar levels. A supplementary dose of biotin is between 30 to 100 mcg a day. It is water soluble which means the excess amount leaves the body through urine. The question is what is biotin good for? 1. Skin Ingesting enough amount of biotin helps in keeping your skin super healthy. Skin ailments like rashes, acne and dermatitis are not a problem now because biotin keeps hormonal imbalances in check. Biotin keeps you skin radiant and prevents future…

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