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  • Foods Are So Healthy but They Can Totally Ruin Your Diet

    These 5 Foods Are So Healthy but They Can Totally Ruin Your Diet

    According to the latest statistics, over half of the population of the earth suffers from being overweight. So, it is to be expected to see articles, ads and programs talking about the latest fads in losing weight. One way in losing weight I personally support is going healthy and giving up processed foods and junk foods. Nevertheless, even healthy foods have some items that can make you gain weight. Here are some of these foods: 1- Nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds are so rich in vitamins and nutrients that some doctors recommend having them rather than supplements and multivitamins. However, they are one of the richest foods in calories ever. Your daily intake of nuts and seeds shouldn’t be…

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  • Blame For Your Fat

    The Dust In Your House Could Be What To Blame For Your Fat

    Get ready for cleaning, after you finish reading about this new research you will get your rubber gloves on. Researchers at Duke University discovered a link between being exposed to certain particles in dust and your body’s tendency for increased fat buildups. So yes your dust house and office could actually be making you fat. In the study that was published in the Environmental Science & Technology, getting exposed to particles called endocrine disturbing chemicals (EDCs) found in dust can disturb the production of metabolic hormones and encourage the body cells to store more fat. These EDCs are man-made chemicals that present in everyday household items like food additive, packagings, electronics, makeup, coating on furniture etc. Previous study found that…

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  • 5 Reasons To Include Broccoli In your Diet

    5 Reasons To Include Broccoli In your Diet

    Broccoli is a staple food in many parts of the world. This tasty vegetable is rich in various nutrients and that is why it is one of the healthiest vegetables to include in our diets. Coming from the cabbage family, broccoli can be categorized as an edible green plant. Broccoli has a high vitamin content and provides many health benefits. Here are 5 reasons to start adding broccoli to your diet. 1. Bone health: Broccoli contains high levels of both calcium and vitamin K, both of which are important for bone health and prevention of osteoporosis. Along with calcium, broccoli is also full of other nutrients like magnesium, zinc and phosphorous. Because of these properties, broccoli is extremely suitable for…

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  • 5 Carbs That Won’t Make You Gain Weight

    5 Carbs That Won’t Make You Gain Weight

    You must have heard before that eating carbohydrates will make you fat and will cause a spike in our blood sugar. Although this is true, not all carbs are created equal. This means that there are kinds of carbs that you can eat and will not make you fat. Unprocessed carbohydrates generate gentle, moderate rises in your blood glucose and insulin, giving you a small but long-lasting supply of energy your muscles can use for several hours. This is what is supposed to happen when you eat nourishing food, and normal healthy people have no reason to fear it. Here are 5 carbs that don’t make you fat. 1. Oats: Oatmeal is high in soluble fiber, which means that it…

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  • 4 Simple Ways To Eat Less Without Even Realizing It

    4 Simple Ways To Eat Less Without Even Realizing It

    Setting a goal such as losing weight requires you to eat less. But Can you do that? In fact, many people want to lose weight, but their main problem is that they are unable to eat less. You must know that even healthy food can stop you from losing weight if you eat too much of it. It may seem difficult for you to reduce the amount of food you eat without feeling deprived. But we are here to help you make what looks really difficult a lot easier. In this article, we cover 4 foolproof tricks that you can use to mindlessly eat less. 1. Chew Every Bite: It is not a race, so no need to hurry. Slow…

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  • 5 Probiotic Foods To Add To Your Diet

    5 Probiotic Foods To Add To Your Diet

    Probiotics are good bacteria that live in your gut and are responsible for nutrient absorption and supporting your immune system. Science shows they’re a great way to support a healthy gut and may help treat some digestive problems, such as constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). They also may relieve depression and help to prevent obesity. Luckily, probiotics are not only found in capsule or powder form, they also can be found in many foods. Here is a list of best 5 probiotic foods you should add to your diet. 1. Yogurt: Yogurt is probably the easiest to rich probiotic food. When making yogurt producers add cultures of bacteria after milk has been pasteurized, to ensure the bacteria survives. But…

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  • This Diet Could Actually Change Your Personality.

    This Diet Could Actually Change Your Personality

    While people and experts have been recommending people to follow the low-carb, high protein diet for a while now due to its potential ability to aid in weight loss. But if you tried to go low-carb or know someone who did, you’d probably know that eating a diet low in carbs can impact your mood and make you feel unexplainably angry sometimes. Experts say that, carbohydrates is the best type of fuel for the brain, eating less of it can disturb the production of mood-regulating hormones and make you hangry. And now recent research’s claiming that going low-carb will not only make you in funny moods. But also change the way you make decisions. At least that is the new…

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  • How Vegan Diet Can Improve Your Health

    How Vegan Diet Can Improve Your Health

    A vegan diet is an amazing way to have a better health. A vegan diet is associated with a higher consumption of fiber, folic acid, vitamins C and E, magnesium, unsaturated fat, and countless phytochemicals. And that is why the vegan diet can lead to lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and reduced risk of heart disease. If you are thinking about going vegan, but you still need more push to take your decision, here are some definitive benefits of why vegan diets can improve your health. 1. Linked to a lower risk of Heart disease: This is one of the most impressive health benefits vegan diet offers, and many research studies have favorably found that a vegan diet cuts…

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  • New Urine tests can determine your type of diet

    New Urine tests can determine your type of diet

    Researchers have built up a urine test that measures the strength of a man’s diet. The five-minute test measures organic markers in urine made by the breakdown of food, for example, red meat, chicken, fish and products of the soil investigation, created by specialists from Imperial College London, Newcastle University and Aberystwyth University, likewise gives a sign of how much fat, sugar, fiber and protein a man has eaten. Although the work is at an early stage, the group trusts that with future advancement the test will have the capacity to track patients’ weight control plans. It could even be utilized as a part of health improvement plans to screen food admission. Educator Gary Frost, senior creator of the review…

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  • Diet cheats and hacks that Help You Lose Weight

    Diet cheats and hacks that Help You Lose Weight

    Peculiar yet true: You can really burn calories by eating pasta. The cheat: you need to place it in the fridge first. The drop in temperature changes the way of the carbs in the noodles into “safe starch,” which means your body needs to work harder to process it (the pasta “opposes” being processed, get it?) Cold pasta is nearer in structure to common safe starches like lentils, peas, beans and oats, which go through the small digestive tract in place, keeping you more full for more. One review found that including this sort of fiber can expand sentiments of totality by more than 50 percent! Furthermore, another review demonstrated that safe starches can even help the body smolder muscle…

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  • Mediterranean Diet benefits Your Brain

    Mediterranean Diet benefits Your Brain

    Examinations Find Mediterranean Diet Helps Protect Your Aging Brain .A Mediterranean eating regimen that is stacked with crisp vegetables, fruits and drink could safeguard your mind from maturity, scientists reported Wednesday. Everybody’s cerebrum contracts as they get older. This review, distributed in the diary Neurology, found that individuals in their mid-70s who ate a Mediterranean-style eat less carbs lost less mind mass than individuals who ate an eating routine more average of their local Scotland. “We found that lower adherence to the Mediterranean eating regimen was connected with more noteworthy three-year lessening in absolute mind volume,” Michelle Luciano of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and partners composed. The review took them from age 70 to around 76 and the…

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  • 5 Reasons Why To Include Wheatgrass Juice In Your Diet

    5 Reasons Why To Include Wheatgrass Juice In Your Diet

    Wheatgrass juice is perhaps the healthiest food out there. It is rich with vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, l and K, minerals, and proteins. Plus, it contains up to 70% chlorophyll, which is an important blood builder. Wheat grass also is a good source of magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper, selenium and thiamine. Here are some amazing health benefits for wheatgrass juice which make many people include it in their daily diet. Improve Immunity: Wheatgrass has a great ability to boost your immunity system as it can increase red blood cells in the body. A 2004 study in the journal of Indian Pediatrics showed that wheatgrass was such a powerful red blood cell booster it was able to reduce the…

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  • 3 Diets that work Really Fast

    3 Diets that work Really Fast

    Crash or fad diets, quick loss diets, rapid weight loss diets, and flash or quick-fix diets are some of the many popular names for the programs that can help you to lose weight in a short period of time. Generally, such diets are tried by people who have to lose a specific amount of weight by a certain target date. Most of these diets are not meant for long-term, and may not even be effective in the long-run. Below are some of the most popular diets that work really fast. 1. Low Carb Diet: The main idea of this diet is to lower the amount of carb you consume which can result in weight loss. The excess consumption of carb…

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  • Tips to lose weight without a diet and facts you must know

    Tips to lose weight without a diet and facts you must know

    Every woman’s dream is to lose weight without following a strict boring diet . the good news is ,its not impossible to achieve that dream . the key is to remain as healthy as you can without letting go of your food guilty pleasures ! read the article to find out how . Following a new diet plan usually takes up a lot of energy and time .you might start your goal with a lot of enthusiasm but it soon fades away .you might be even faced with some dilemmas as you go out with your friends or attend an event putting all your might to avoid the unhealthy and forbidden food . the worst part happens when you reach…

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  • How to stay Full Longer if you are on a diet

    How to stay Full Longer if you are on a diet

    Making a decision to lose weight isn’t always easy .when you start limiting the food quantities you often feel hungry and you start looking around you for snacks, which may ruin your diet and you end up disappointed with the results. But what if you can stay full all day by eating certain types of food and at the same time lose weight? Read the article below to find out what food can help you stay full longer Oatmeal is the best snack for when you are on a diet , its full of fibers and it gives you energy all day long moreover it protects your heart from high cholesterol levels .another snack which is full of fibers and…

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  • A Guide for Planning Healthy Pregnancy Diet

    A Guide for Planning Healthy Pregnancy Diet

    Eating healthy during pregnancy is vital for your own and your unborn baby’s health. Following a balanced diet that includes all essential nutrients is extremely important for any expectant mother in order to have a healthy baby. Once you know that you are pregnant you should create a diet plan for a healthy pregnancy, it may be difficult for you especially if you are a first-time mother but the following information can help you greatly in creating a right diet plan. A balanced diet for a healthy pregnancy should contain calcium-rich foods like milk, yogurt, buttermilk, and cheese. It also must include foods that are rich in vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid, iron, protein, and vitamin C. These…

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  • Healthy Food Diet for Diabetics

    Healthy Food Diet for Diabetics

    If you are a diabetic, there is no doubt that taking the right medicines is very important to control the blood sugar levels in your blood, but is it the only thing that will help you to control diabetes? The answer is no, there are some other stuff that could be as important as taking the right medicine and the most important of them is following a healthy diet. You should take good care of what you eat as a diabetic, this article isn’t a deprivation system, but it’s a healthy way of life. Start gradually and reduce your intake of sugary stuff as a first step for a healthier way of life and I don’t mean only the sugar,…

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  • Best recipes for a healthy and less boring diet!

    Best recipes for a healthy and less boring diet!

    Being on a diet isn’t always that much fun , but if you learn how to mix food items and create or try new recipes , losing weight would be a very delicious thing to do . read the following recipes that can help you get rid of the boring diet routine and lose weight at the same time. Diet Burrito Get rid of the tortilla and try a delicious burrito with a collard greens wrap , you can fill it with food rich in proteins to keep you full all through the day like eggs and beans Blueberry Pancakes Who doesn’t love pancakes in the morning? And just because you are on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t have…

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  • Tips for Healthy Diet

    Useful Tips for Healthy Diet

    Diet isn’t just about losing weight; it’s more about losing bad habits and bad foods. It’s your life style for which you should put a good plan; a plan that fits your body needs in healthy ways. Before talking about more details about what the healthy diet should look like, let me first tell you an important trick, start the healthy change from your mind, think of the healthy foods as the one who saves you from many risks and don’t let the feeling of punishment gets you. Think about quitting the bad foods and habits as a reward you give to your health and your body. Love the healthy foods and trust me they are so delicious even more…

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  • The Best Time of Day to Eat Your Largest Dish and Become Fit

    The Best Time of Day to Eat Your Largest Dish and Become Fit

    Becoming fit and staying fit can be quite challenging especially if you don’t know the little tips and tricks that people in shape follow. The time of day at which you have your largest meal can be critical in your try to lose weight according to Ricki Friedman‎, a health coach. A great offence you might be doing to yourself is eating light snacks all day then finishing the night with a huge meal. The ideal time to savor the biggest dish of the day should lie between 1 pm and 5 pm. This way, you will be able to burn those calories afterwards by exercising, or walking home from work or school. Saving the most nutritious dish for dinner…

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  • Dieting Tips during your Pregnancy

    Important Dieting Tips during your Pregnancy

    There is no doubt that pregnancy requires extra care than other normal times of your life, you are not only responsible of your own health, but also of your little baby too. You need to follow some main tips to get the best nutrients during that time and am here to help you, so let’s start. The first thing you should know about eating during pregnancy, it’s not about just eating for eating, it’s about eating the right and beneficial foods. One of the important elements that you should include in your diet is protein, it’s a great source of amino acid that you need in your pregnancy, it will make you feel full for long times and will give…

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  • best healthy foods for diet

    The 7 best healthy foods for diet

    The effectiveness of the foods on the human body varies in terms of their impact on hunger, digestion process, and the amount of calories that the body burns. As for healthy foods, they build our bones, strengthen the immune system, prevent chronic diseases and maintain mental health. Also, healthy foods help you to keep fit. Here are the best of these healthy foods. – Eggs: Eating whole eggs (yolks and whites) helps you to feel full in spite of their few calories. Thus, they are considered one of the best foods for reducing weight. – Leafy vegetables: Including spinach, cabbage and others. They are high in fiber and are ideal for increasing the size of your meal without increasing calorie…

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  • fruit and vegetable diet

    Learn about the fruit and vegetable diet

    Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, minerals and vitamins which are essential to the human body that makes them ideal for weight loss and purifying the body from toxins. Therefore, some people follow fruit and vegetables diet to lose their weight. However, most nutritionists advice not to follow this diet more than three days. Discover more about this diet in the following lines. It is better to prepare your body for this step so as to prevent any disturbance or discomfort. So, try to avoid certain types of foods before the diet like for example: meat, eggs, fish, caffeine, salt and sugars. You can choose any kind of vegetables and fruits to eat them during the diet and the…

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