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  • Qualities You Should Get Rid of So You Wouldn’t Destroy Your Life

    6 Qualities You Should Get Rid of So You Wouldn’t Destroy Your Life

    Can one destroy his/her own life? Yes they can. They do that when they stay in relationships they don’t value, remain passive towards negative changes that happen to them, or adopt destructive qualities that can ruin their lives. Here, I will tell you about some of these qualities you should change so you wouldn’t destroy your life. 1- Pessimism. It is a destructive quality that prevents you from moving forward and makes you attached to what you know only. Remember that nothing ventured, nothing gained. 2- Blaming it on fate, stars…etc. Fate is truly responsible for many of the things that happen in our lives, but it doesn’t decide them. So do not destroy your life by lying face down…

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  • Negative Habits That May Cost You Your Job

    Watch Out for These 6 Negative Habits That May Cost You Your Job

    Finding a good rewarding job can be really difficult, and most of us work in boring unfulfilling jobs – which they feel that they are sucking away their lives – just to make ends meet. There are some lucky people who can find good jobs they love and enjoy. However, did you know that there are negative habits that can cost you your job even if you are good at it? Such as: 1- Not being curious about the company’s field of work. And keep in mind that I said curious, not nosy. Being curious about your company’s line of work means inquiring a bit and doing some research about it. This will show your boss that you are serious…

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  • bring back your beautiful smile

    Here are 6 easy ways to bring back your beautiful smile

    A beautiful smile is a true smile, however, a better smile is the one that reveals healthy clean teeth. It is easy now to bring back your beautiful smile by just following these steps: 1. Consider your daily routine Our teeth need a day-to-day maintenance to remain healthy and clean. Your daily routine should always include brushing your teeth at least twice. So, keep in mind that twice is the minimal number of brushes needed to maintain your teeth daily. Sometimes we forget to brush the backs of the teeth so the plaque keeps building up and causes hidden tooth decays. Also, flossing is vital to be part of your routine. Flossing was proved to be good not only for…

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  • korean cosmetic products

    7 reasons to try korean cosmetic products

    Now that korean pop is taking the world by storm, heads are turned towards this amazing country that excelled in the cosmetics industry as well. Ever wondered why Koreans enjoy such flawless skin? Koreans tend to have an amazing complexion and flawless skin because they take good care of their skin. Here are 7 reasons to try korean cosmetic products now: 1. The popular BB cream Now BB creams are manufactured in cosmetic factories all over the world. However, it originated in Korea to suit the Asian complexion. Western companies have modified BB cream to cater for types of complexion. 2. Affordability High-end korean cosmetic products are very expensive just like any other high-end products. However, you can attain the…

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  • beauty routine in your 30s

    8 things to keep in your beauty routine in your 30s part 2

    In this article, we will learn about the four remaning things to keep in your beauty routine in your 30s. The first four things were hydrating, having oatmeal for breakfast, having Goji berries for snacks, and finally having a fish meal at least once a week. Before reading the article, try to guess from your nutritional knowledge which things could alter our beauty routine. Now, let’s see! 5. Need another snack? Try Brazil nuts. Nuts in general are full of minerals but Brazil nuts in particular is rich in Selenium and Zinc. That being said, what does Selenium and Zinc do? Selenium is magical mineral; it repairs hair and nails and helps in curing acne. Selenium also improves the overall…

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  • how to get taller after puberty

    Here’s how to get taller after puberty!

    People are exploring new ways to get taller and keep on questioning, “Is it a possibility to get taller after puberty?” Several people ask me about various ways that could help them increase their height. So, I finally have written down a few of the ways of improving your height. You can tell which of the following ways looks comfortable to you and follow it for a while.It is crucial to note that such means should be done for a long-time to able to witness the results. 1. Workout to stretch your spine. A proven method of boosting your height is by exercise. Exercise actually helps to make the spine and body flexible, therefore, making your spine more likely to…

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  • things to keep in your beauty routine in your 30s

    8 things to keep in your beauty routine in your 30s

    Aging is affects our skin like nothing else, that is why we should compensate with extra care. In 8 simple tips you will find the ultimate guide to aging with excellence. So here are the 8 things you should do to keep your skin youthful: 1. Hydrate A key tip to having youthful skin is hydrating! Elevate your daily consumption of water to, at least, 8 glasses. Not only will consuming more water keep your skin hydrated, it will also help your digestion and benefit your internal organs. 2. Try Oatmeal for breakfast What do you have for breakfast? Cereals, pancakes, bacon and eggs. No matter what you are used to have for breakfast, just remember what we are always…

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  • Be the best you could be with these 4 simple tips

    Be the best you could be with these 4 simple tips

    Certainly, it is when you are at home lonely that you want to be the best version of yourself. If you aren’t, extra time is going to be spent on Netflix when you know you could be doing something beneficial. Rather than the success and loving the life you’ve always dreamed of, you will continue to decay. It’s not simple to be your best at all times and achieve our true goal. But if you want to reach for the stars, follow these simple tips! 1. Admire Your Imperfections Nobody is perfect. If you believe movie stars and celebrities are perfect, think again. Although no-one is perfect, some of us are pretty good at showing the best version of ourselves.…

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  • Natural Treatments Will Not Let PMS Bother You Anymore

    These 8 Natural Treatments Will Not Let PMS Bother You Anymore

    The most common period for the occurrence of premenstrual syndrome is between late 20s and middle 40s. The symptoms of premenstrual syndrome range from changes in mood to overwhelming desire to eat food even when you are not hungry (cravings), stomachache, water retention, bloating, cramps, upset tummy, irritability, constipation, acne, tenderness in breast skin. Although we cannot really determine the exact reasons which cause symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, they are usually attributed to changes in the levels of hormone throughout the week earlier to a woman’s menstruation period. Hereditary factors, environmental toxins, increased body mass, pressure, and poor diet all are factors that contribute to the problem. 1- There are several ways to get rid of cramps, such as taking…

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  • Coconut Oil as the Secret of Beauty

    Surprising Reasons to Consider the Coconut Oil as the Secret of Beauty

    The coconut oil is a perfect moisturizer with natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that can penetrate perfectly into your hair and skin. For these reasons, the coconut oil is a key ingredient in most of the beauty products, but the real benefits of such an ingredient will certainly surprise you. Do you believe that a few drops of coconut oil can serve as a makeup remover, lice remedy, dandruff treatment, hair conditioner, massage oil, whitening toothpaste, body scrub and body oil? Actually, it’s hard to define what coconut oil can’t do for your skin and hair, but you can purchase a jar to use as a breath freshener, makeup brushes cleaner, and frizz tamer. If you need a home deodorant,…

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  • Ways to Remove Makeup

    Cool and Safe Ways to Remove Makeup Daily

    Remove Makeup Daily, When you read this title and wonder if you should remove your makeup daily, you should read the full article to enjoy a healthy skin. Let’s agree that you should remove your makeup before bed to avoid inflammation and skin sensitivity, especially around your eyes. The dual phase makeup remover should be your friend, as it combines the oil and water cleansing features, but you need to purchase an oil-based makeup remover to dissolve the waterproof mascara or liner without scrubbing or pulling your skin. If you have a sensitive skin, you can remove makeup with cleansing water and a piece of cotton. Your dermatologist will define the type of your skin to help you choose suitable…

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  • Things Will Make Your Husband Putty in Your Hand

    Doing These 8 Things Will Make Your Husband Putty in Your Hand

    The relationship between a woman and her husband is one of the greatest relationships ever. And men need a lot of motivation to convince them to bind themselves with the commitment of marriage. A woman needs to have not just love, but wisdom and some of the things in this article to be able to make her husband a putty in her hands. 1- Sing his praises when he isn’t around. Be a smart girl! Word travels fast. So say things your man would love to hear from you. However, he might think that you are just flattering him to get something, so sing his praises when he isn’t around so he would think that you are sincere. 2- Cook…

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  • Tips to Help Your Wife Love You

    Cool Tips to Help Your Wife Love You

    If you think that your wife can behave, think, feel, and response like you, you will have several disagreements with her. Just read the full article and understand how women think and how to help your wife love you easily. Every woman has her own personality and way of thinking, but there are common features that will help you understand your wife and appreciate her reactions. For example, women consider the meanings and emotions more than actions; consequently, you should feed your wife’s emotions and express your love for her regularly. Similarly, your wife can see the big picture of the point rather than narrow issues and unrelated information; so, your wife will analyze the complicated situations better than you…

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  • Breeze Through Decoration with Fabrics with These Tips

    Breeze Through Decoration with Fabrics with These Tips

    I am not one of those people who consider “decoration with fabrics” to be limited to decorating with curtains only. For me, decorating with fabrics is furnishing with anything that has fabric as a part of its materials and that means fabric covered furniture, curtains, linens and covers, and even things such as wallpaper made of fabric. To excel at decorating with fabric, you have to keep a few tips in mind, such as: 1- To give your place a touch of elegance spread a few embroidered cushions. Make sure you choose your cushions’ prints and colors to suit the ambiance of the room and the style of your furniture (for example: bold colors can add a refreshing touch to…

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  • Man Who Truly Loves You

    A Man Who Truly Loves You Does These 5 Things

    Men and women are greatly different. They think in a different way. They feel and love in a different way. And they express their feelings in a different way as well. A woman may think that her spouse hates her guts while he is in fact head over heels for her. So, how can a woman tell when her man loves her? He does some things, such as: 1- Making time to be with you and talk to you whenever possible. Even when men like their partners or spouses, they do not like women talk or interests. However, if your husband truly loves you, he will love your company and share your interests even if he doesn’t like them. 2-…

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  • Show Your Wife That You Appreciate Her

    5 Very Simple Things You Can Do to Show Your Wife That You Appreciate Her

    A few years ago, a movie I saw a movie on TV about a wife who cheated on her husband. And although I usually turn the channel when I see movies like this, this one caught my interest because of its message. It clearly said, just like your wife doesn’t take you for granted and shows her love for you always, you shouldn’t take her for granted as well. There are very simple things you, as a man could do to show your wife that you love and appreciates her. 1- Make it clear that you remember what she likes. Buy her a bag of her favorite chocolate. Buy her a single rose from time to time with no occasion…

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  • Everything You Need to Know about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    Everything You Need to Know about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    Whenever you see extra-unwanted hair in your face and body or feel that the hormones of your body have changed, the first disease comes into your mind- as a woman- is the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. The genetic susceptibility is an effective factor that can raise your chance of having polycystic Ovary Syndrome. If one or more of your family women have diabetes or irregular period or you take long-term seizure medicines, you should examine your body regularly for more PCOS symptoms such as the growing weight, irregular period, thinning hair on your scalp, depression, and fertility disorders. If you think that you have the symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, you should visit a doctor to check your physical symptoms, blood…

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  • Keep Your House Clean at All Times

    The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your House Clean at All Times

    How did the old saying go? Cleanliness is next to godliness? We all know how important it is to keep our places clean and how important is cleaning for hygiene, but the reasons for making a space clean goes far beyond hygiene or making it look neat. Here are some of these reasons: 1- Cleaning your place often means the surfaces have less amount of germs. Door knobs, table tops, chairs…etc. will have lesser amount of bacteria and fungi that can be transferred to your hands to cause you health problems. 2- Lower levels of stress and bigger chance of venting stress. Many researches have attested to the validity of these two things. Cleaning your house is an effective method…

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  • Handiest Cleaning Tips

    The Top 5 Handiest Cleaning Tips You Should Know

    Since years back, I used to gather newspapers clippings with handy tips about cleaning and cooking. It was a pleasant surprise to find that my mom has her own stash of clippings with useful tips about cleaning, laundry and cooking. Now it became a habit of mine to ask my friends and relatives about their own stashes, lists and notebooks of tips. Here, I will share with you some of the handiest cleaning tips ever. 1- Your kids have found their way to an ultimate destruction tool, a marker pen, and had their way with the walls of your apartment? No problem. A cotton cloth and some hair spray will fix all the damage. 2- Your glass windows look lackluster…

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  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Will Bother You No More! Here Are 5 Affordable Natural Solutions for it

    Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Will Bother You No More! Here Are 5 Affordable Natural Solutions for it

    Premenstrual syndrome is caused by many varieties of symptoms, such as fatigue, breast tenderness, acne, constipation, upset stomach, food cravings, irritability, mood swings, cramps, headaches, water retention, and bloating. Although that There are several methods of treatment, such as medicines with antispasmodic properties and potent anti-inflammatory properties. 1- Calcium and Magnesium. Calcium is essential for the woman’s health during that time of the month. It works on regulating hormone levels, which reduces the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Besides that, calcium is very useful to the bones and keeps you healthy and in a good condition. As for magnesium, this vital nutrient has many benefits such as reducing certain symptoms as breast tenderness, food cravings, fluid retention, and menstrual migraine,…

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  • Wearing make up with glasses

    Now with 10 tips: Wearing make up with glasses that turns heads

    We always thought that wearing glasses hides the eyes and makes it impossible to wear make up beautifully. This idea is now outdated as it has been proven over and over that glasses can accentuate your look but how to wear make up that would suit your look correctly? 1. Thick lashes Thick lashes will make your eyes look bigger and better! Apply a double layer of waterproof mascara, this will make your lashes thick and prevent your lenses from getting smudgy. 2. Volume only Super-curling your lashes will make them hit the lenses so frequently, it becomes annoying. Use a volumizing mascara to get them thick because neither curly nor long will do you any good in this case.…

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  • actions to get your husband’s appreciation and to maintain eternal love

    5 simple actions to get your husband’s appreciation and to maintain eternal love

    The way you treat your partner affects your relationship with him. Every partner should do his best to satisfy the other in order to get a happy marital relationship. Here we will put you on the right way by doing some actions from time to time with your spouse to maintain eternal love. *Surprise him with a breakfast in the bed: This small and simple action strengthens emotional bonds between you and your spouse. Do not hesitate to adopt this gentle method with your husband to get his contentment and satisfaction. *Prepare a hot shower for your husband after returning from his work: Express your care for your husband by doing this simple action. It will make him feel how…

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  • hacks to make yourself look younger

    Easy hacks to make yourself look younger

    It may be depressing when you look at the mirror and you notice the appearance of grey hair. Becoming older is inevitable and happens to all of us. However, do not make it ruin your life and try to get over it by trying these hacks. Change your clothes: getting older does not necessarily mean that you need to dress dowdy. Of course, you may need to avoid some bright colours in your clothes, but you can just add a pop of colour to your scarves and jewelry. Also, it’s better to avoid black as it will make you look older. Wear the suitable clothes: As you get older, the shape of your body will be change over the years.…

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  • Treatments for Your Dry or Cracked feet

    Incredibly Simple Treatments for Your Dry or Cracked feet

    Your foot skin is thicker than any part of your body, as it is exposed to the cold weather, direct harmful sunlight, low humidity levels, non-moisturizing soaps, and excessive hot water. To protect your feet, you can use home remedies, protective ways, and natural elements like the remedies explained in the full article. The cracked and dry food can be a symptom of a serious problem such as diabetes or athlete’s foot or just a result of friction and lack of moisturizing creams. Accordingly, such cracks can be mild or severe, but if the cracks are bleeding, you should clean the spot and apply bandages as any wound to avoid infection. When you moisturize the dry skin around your heels,…

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  • Mistakes You Should Never Make When Applying Your Eyeliner

    4 Mistakes You Should Never Make When Applying Your Eyeliner

    I think we could all agree that applying eyeliner is one of the most difficult steps of applying makeup. You can’t smooth things out when you apply eyeliner like you do with foundation, blush or eyeshadow. You usually wipe the whole thing off before doing it from the start. Therefore, we need to keep in mind the mistakes we should avoid when applying eyeliner. 1- Closing the eye you are applying the eyeliner to. I know that closing your eyes or trying to close the one you are applying eyeliner to seems logical as the skin of your eyelids will be smoother and easier to draw on, but in reality closing your eye will ruin the similarity of the eyeliner…

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  • Mistakes You Should Never Commit When Furnishing Your Living Room

    Mistakes You Should Never Commit When Furnishing Your Living Room

    Compared to other rooms in your house, extra care should be taken when furnishing your living room. You rest there. Your kids play and watch TV there. And you receive guests there as well. However, people DO commit some serious mistakes when they furnish their living rooms, such as: – Instead of placing a few pieces of furniture neatly in the middle of the room, people cram their living rooms up with furniture placed against the wall. This makes their rooms look smaller and more cluttered. – Curtains are usually one of the most important focus points of the living room. So, what happens when you don’t know that? You use heavy embroidered curtains that create another focus point, and…

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  • Signs You Are Progressing with Your Live Even Though You Don’t Feel It

    Top 6 Signs You Are Progressing with Your Live Even Though You Don’t Feel It

    Many of us – I dare say most – come to a point in life where they say, “I have wasted my life away”. We all have these moments of self-doubt when one feels that our ages do not justify the number of accomplishments we have achieved. But this is not how one should measure their progress in life at all. These signs will tell you that you have progressed with your life even if you deny it. 1- You have certain clear goals and you know how to achieve them. This means you know your strengths and weaknesses and have set a purpose that suits them. 2- Your relationships are more stable. You don’t go through much drama with…

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  • Signs of Cervical Cancer Women

    Top 5 Signs of Cervical Cancer Women Should Know

    Did you know that cervical cancer is responsible for a significant percentage of fatalities in women? Cervical cancer is usually caused by HPV, a contagious disease that can be sexually transmitted. However, many other elements contribute to cervical cancer such as genetic tendency, lack of pregnancy, age…etc. However, like other types of cancer, cervical cancer can be limited and even prevented if treated at an early stage. To do that, you need to be aware of its symptoms, such as: 1- Increase in the secretion of fluids from the vagina. This is because the developing cancer makes the cells of the uterus start to discharge fluids that find their way to your vagina. In short, you will find yourself wet…

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  • mistakes you should avoid when applying mascara

    6 mistakes you should avoid when applying mascara

    These days the cosmetics market offers us tons of mascaras which make it harder to choose the right one for the right occasion. It could take you a number of trials before finding your perfect mascara match. A mascara, if applied properly, would not need the complement of artificial lashes. So, what are the common mascara mistakes we make? 1 . Over coating The perfect mascara look is a thick lashes look. However, to reach the perfect thickness it is always advisable to apply one to two coats maximum. Too many coats of mascara would result in clumping¸ this would ultimately ruin the look. If two coats are not enough, you should opt for a thicker formula mascara. 2. Forgetting…

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  • Did you place your feet outside the blanket while sleeping

    Did you place your feet outside the blanket while sleeping?

    Insomnia can be very disturbing, and this inconvenience maybe increased sometimes to the extent that it may adversely affect the lifestyle, especially if the available methods and means do not work to treat it. If you suffer from this problem and it affects your life and work, then you could try this simple trick that we offer you in this article. Believe it or not, Scientists discovered recently that the secret behind a comfortable life and deep sleep is simply putting your feet or at least one foot out of the cover. how is that? And why? Actually, body temperature plays an important role in the process of falling asleep, so it has to be reduced by two degrees- with…

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  • Natural Ways to Enjoy a Healthy Kidney

    Super Easy Natural Ways to Enjoy a Healthy Kidney

    Every single part of your body has its unique function and unbelievable capabilities. The main function of your kidney is to filter your body’s waste products and adjust its blood circulation protecting you from limitless diseases. To enjoy a healthy kidney and avoid its failure, you should enhance your lifestyle, have kidney-friendly food, and avoid the diseases leading to kidney failure. To protect your kidney, you should avoid the direct and indirect failure causes including the diseases that can damage your kidney, the genetic diseases. The first category can include the immune system disorders, low and high-blood pressure, diabetes, severe burns, liver failure, and heart attack. The diseases that can block your urine passage like bladder cancer, colon cancer kidney…

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  • use Argan Oil

    6 Reasons to use Argan Oil now!!

    Argan Oil is also known as liquid gold and it is quite easy to guess why it was called that. It is for no other reason than the amazing effects it has on the hair, the skin, and the body. First, let’s know more about this amazing oil. The Argan Oil comes from the Argan tree which is originated in Morocco. This rare Moroccan Oil is extracted through pressing the nut of the fruit of the Argan tree. So why should you start implementing the Argan oil in your routines? 1. Add it to your food The daily consumption of Argan oil is believed to prevent cancers, cardiovascular diseases and obesity. It also has a nutty taste to it so…

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  • Get A Refreshing Yet Effortless Look This Summer with These 3 Tips

    Get A Refreshing Yet Effortless Look This Summer with These 3 Tips

    Summer is the time of going out to enjoy the beach, the nature and many other places. However it is also the time when merciless summer heat almost drains you out of your energy and stamina, leaving your skin and hair looking tired and dull. So, how to make yourself look gorgeous and refreshed in a summer outing without energy draining efforts? These tips will help: 1- Your skin looks blotchy in places and red or dark in others? And you don’t have the time or the energy to apply about ten products to look good? Try a tinted moisturizer to equalize your skin tone. A tinted sunscreen is also a very good alternative especially if you are going out…

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  • Top 10 bridal makeup

    Top 10 bridal makeup don’ts continued

    In Top 10 bridal makeup don’ts we learned more about three of the main mistakes brides do when it comes to makeup. The first three mistakes were: skipping trial makeup, experimenting on your wedding day and applying too heavy foundation. Now, let’s learn more about the remaining seven bridal makeup don’ts. 4. SPF foundation Wearing a foundation with SPF protection is not suitablefor a wedding. The ingredients in the SPF foundation will cause your face to look stark white in flash photography. So, apt for a traditional foundation on your wedding day. However, if you are having an outdoors wedding apply sunscreen underneath your foundation instead of on top. 5. Too dramatic eye makeup The best eye makeup is a…

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  • beauty tips for a better Halloween

    8 amazing beauty tips for a better Halloween

    Halloween is the best costume festival all year long, and we like to make it memorable. It brings the best of everything; sugary candy, costumes, pranking in the timeless trick or treat and the spirit of tradition. For a happy and safe halloween follow these 8 beauty tips: 1. Choose wisely A halloween costume make up is meant to stay for a long time on the skin. Thus, it is highly advisable to pick a cosmetic grade that is most convenient and comforting to your skin type. Sometimes, we tend to pick cheap products for Halloween’s costume make up since it is basically a once a year event. However, cheap products can be highly irritating to your skin specially if…

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  • Beauty secrets of Italian women

    Beauty secrets of Italian women

    What are the secrets of the beauty of the Italian women? Maybe it is their healthy Mediterranean diet, their natural beauty treatments, their naturally elegant sense of style or their borderless self-confidence. Actually, all of these elements work together to affect the beauty of Italian women. Here are some of the secrets that make the Italian women look gorgeous. They usually use olive oil: Olive oil contains antioxidants that help to fight the signs of aging. Also, it works as a moisturizer and hair conditioner. Moreover, it’s a healthy oil to be used in cooking and salads. They enjoy their food: Although the Italians always look healthy and fit, but this doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy food. They are used…

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  • things men don’t like about your appearance

    6 things men don’t like about your appearance

    Although the men differ in terms of their tastes and the things they like about women as well as the qualities that they require in the partner of their life, but there are some things they agree on about women. You will find in this article some of these things starting from high fashion and ending with modern cosmetic techniques. Hair extensions: One of the things a man finds most bothering is when he puts his hand in his wife’s hair and finds that half of her hair is artificial. This is a disgusting thing for a man that destroys his desire to pamper his wife. Strong fragrance: women tend to use strong perfumes often, especially in the winter, but…

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  • 10 Amazing Kitchen Secrets You Might Not Know of

    10 Amazing Kitchen Secrets You Might Not Know of

    It is very satisfying working smartly in your kitchen; here are few kitchen hacks that will save you time and effort. 1. If you want to check an egg’s freshness, drop it in a cup of water; if it floats then it is gone bad…if it sank then it is a fresh one. (rotten eggs release gas that makes the egg float like a ballon). 2. You can keep hard cheese from drying out by spreading butter on the cut sides. Cheese dries out when it loses some of its fat content. So rubbing it with butter prevents that. 3. If you keep vegetables in drawer in the fridge; then line it with paper towels to keep it fresh. Paper…

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  • tips for a successful cosmetic tattoo

    4 Necessary tips for a successful cosmetic tattoo

    In a previous article, we discussed the types of cosmetic tattoos. We learned that there are four different types of cosmetic tattoos nowadays namely the 3d brow tattoo, the eyeliner tattoo, the lip tattoo and the blush contour tattoo. In this article we will discuss the dos and don’ts of cosmetic tattooing. 1. Background check It is important to be quite the detective when it comes to undergoing any procedure. Thus, check the credentials of the tattoo artist you are about to deal with thoroughly. Do not be shy or afraid to interview a former client of the tattooist. Make sure to know how it went for them and if they suffered any complications. Also, try to see before and…

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  • actions that make you more attractive and charming

    6 actions that make you more attractive and charming

    You may think sometimes to do some adjustments in your external appearance to be more attractive and beautiful, especially to get your husband’s admiration. There are many tricks and tips by experts that can help you. However, if you want some simple and easy steps to make you a beautiful and attractive woman, read the following tips. Take care of your personal hygiene: Personal hygiene is one of the most essential issues, and it may be the most important issue that you mustn’t ignore. It makes the woman attractive and draws the attention of the opposite sex. Daily hot shower and taking care of your hair, your smell and your teeth will make wonders. Choose the clothes that suit your…

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