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  • 10 Amazing Kitchen Secrets You Might Not Know of

    10 Amazing Kitchen Secrets You Might Not Know of

    It is very satisfying working smartly in your kitchen; here are few kitchen hacks that will save you time and effort. 1. If you want to check an egg’s freshness, drop it in a cup of water; if it floats then it is gone bad…if it sank then it is a fresh one. (rotten eggs release gas that makes the egg float like a ballon). 2. You can keep hard cheese from drying out by spreading butter on the cut sides. Cheese dries out when it loses some of its fat content. So rubbing it with butter prevents that. 3. If you keep vegetables in drawer in the fridge; then line it with paper towels to keep it fresh. Paper…

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  • Solutions for Getting Rid of Crayon Stains Easily

    5 Great and Cost-effective Solutions for Getting Rid of Crayon Stains Easily

    I always advise parents who have toddlers against painting their walls in white or any other pale colors. Why? Because a toddler or two, some unleashed creativity and a pack of crayons can make a lot of damage to a light colored wall. However, we will offer you here some easy solutions and cheap materials that will help you in limiting the damage of your children’s creativity. – Gasoline and lighter fluid. What I love about gasoline is that while it can easily dissolve persistent oil stains, it can be easily dissolved with soap and water. So, wet a paper towel with a little bit of gasoline and wipe off crayon stains and then clean the area with some soapy…

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  • tips for corporate ladies' make-up

    5 tips for corporate ladies’ make-up

    Nailing a professional look at work is vital to your image as you need to look, as well as feel, in place. Thus, it is of great importance to pick the right make-up that complements the professional image you are trying to form whether with your colleagues or your clients. So, here are seven tips on picking the right make-up for a workplace: 1 . How do you feel about make-up? The most important thing is considering who you truly are. To pick your perfect make-up at work, you have to be true to yourself and complement the way you do your hair. A simple hairstyle reflects a loyal personality in the workplace. Professional, yet stylish, hairdos include a ponytail,…

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  • types of cosmetic tattoos to spice up your summer

    4 types of cosmetic tattoos to spice up your summer

    Cosmetic tattoos are now taking the beauty industry by storm for a number of reasons. The most important reason is the permanence effect. Imagine a make up that does not wear off! Now you do not have to imagine, you can rather enjoy magnificent results. Cosmetic tattoos are in these days, they are innovative, a mere addition to the beauty industry and a force to be reckoned with. Let’s get to know more about the various types of cosmetic tattoos. 1. 3d brow tattoos Over plucking your eyebrows is an irreversible action that has to be fixed with a brow pencil, but will it look natural? The answer is no and the alternative is to let a professional handle your…

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  • tips for a successful cosmetic tattoo

    4 Necessary tips for a successful cosmetic tattoo

    In a previous article, we discussed the types of cosmetic tattoos. We learned that there are four different types of cosmetic tattoos nowadays namely the 3d brow tattoo, the eyeliner tattoo, the lip tattoo and the blush contour tattoo. In this article we will discuss the dos and don’ts of cosmetic tattooing. 1. Background check It is important to be quite the detective when it comes to undergoing any procedure. Thus, check the credentials of the tattoo artist you are about to deal with thoroughly. Do not be shy or afraid to interview a former client of the tattooist. Make sure to know how it went for them and if they suffered any complications. Also, try to see before and…

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  • unusual beauty ingredients

    Unusual Beauty ingredients you did not know

    The beauty industry has become more and more creative in finding the ingredients that can feed our beauty crave. Surely, you will find some of these ingredients quite unusual. However, you will learn to value them once you know the impact they have on your beauty. 1. Chicken bone marrow Rich in glucosamine, chicken bone marrow is considered an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. It is found in creams and moisturizers due to its role in promoting a youthful look. 2. Bull semen Bull semen is added to hair products and beauty products due to its effective nature that adds brightness to the face and the hair. It is used in beauty products like cleansers and moisturizers. 3. Synthetic snake venom Synthetic…

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