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After Learning about These 7 Benefits of Playing Basketball You will Be Playing it

One of the most popular sports in America, no, the whole world, is basketball. Everyone, old and young, seems to be getting a rush like no other from playing basketball or even just watching it. However, basketball is much more than a thrilling game. It can make you much healthier. Here are the top benefits of playing this great sport:

1- Basketball makes you fitter. This amazing sport involves a lot of movement. You jump, you run, you pass the ball. Almost every limp of your body is moving. You burn up to one thousand calories in one hour of playing this great sport. Isn’t this such a fun way to lose weight and stay fit?

2- Makes your heart stronger. With so much movement and so much breathing you do while playing basketball you are giving your heart and lungs a good workout. With your heart and lungs working the way they should you get better cardiac health and much longer time to live.

3- It increases stamina. Imagine what playing basketball could do to your stamina and energy. And no, it won’t deplete them. When you play basketball often, you are much more used to moving around and much more capable of working longer hours. So, boost your stamina and have fun playing basketball.

4- You will be much more mobile. With basketball, your speed and agility will increase. Imagine doing physical tasks and housework much more faster than you used to? Imagine having much quicker reflexes because of basketball?

5- Your coordination will increase. You might not know it, but basketball is a constant exercise on coordination. This means that playing basketball will improve your performance in other things such as dancing.

6- Makes you better in working with other people. Basketball requires you to have a lot of interaction with other team members. This is a type of social training that can make your relationship and communication with others much better. That is why kids who are shy or have problems with communication are advised to play basketball.

7- Basketball makes you much more confident. You strengthen your body, keep fit, lose weight and even gain muscles when you play basketball, and this makes you confident regarding your looks. Your interaction with others improves and this makes you confident of your social skills. Looking good, feeling good, and dealing with others in a good way boosts your confidence more than anything else would.

Benefits of Playing Basketball


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