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The Best Methods to Remove Nose Hair

Unwanted hair is an annoying problem that both women and men have to deal with. Having nose hair is something that annoys men and is considered to be unpleasant by people. As men age, these hair strands getting a glimpse of the outside world.

Although their presence is important as they protect the body by preventing the harmful air particles from entering the respiratory system, most of the men don’t consider this important function and choose to remove them to enhance their look.

Fortunately, there are some methods that can help you with this problem. Here we are going to mention some of them to help you choose the method that suits you.

Tweeze: Using tweezers to remove nose hair is a common yet painful method. First of all, you should clean the tweezers with alcohol. Then, stand in front of a mirror and tilt you head slightly. Use the other hand to widen your nostrils and start tweezing one hair at a time. It is also good to press the tip of your nose backwards to have a better vision of the hair. This method is effective but it should be done with care to avoid the incidence of infection.

Trim: Trimming is the most common method used by men. Nasal hair can be trimmed simply with scissors or with the help of electronic nose trimmers. Cutting nose hair with scissors is a fast method to deal with nose hair but it is somewhat dangerous as you can hurt yourself by a wrong move. But if you prefer this way, choose scissors that have a rounded off tip to avoid poking yourself while using them. On the other hand, it is said that electronic or batter-run trimmers have better results than the manual ones. Removing nose hair with electronic nose trimmer takes less time than cutting with scissors.

Hair Removal Cream:
It is a pain-free method to get rid of hair nose. That is placed inside of your nose and after a few minutes, you wipe the cream and hair from your nose. While choosing the cream you should choose the one that contains organic ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, lemon juice, and Boswellia because the other types can cause irritation.

Wax: There are people who use wax to remove nasal hair. For other people, it may seem painful, but if you don’t mind, it is an effective method. Dip the tip of a cotton swab with warm wax. Place the swab inside your nostrils and let the wax harden. When the wax dries out, pull out the cotton swab with an abrupt motion.

The Best Methods to Remove Nose Hair


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