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The Best Methods to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair at Home

Hair removal is a part of women’s regular beauty routine. They use several methods in different parts of their face and body to get a smooth, silky, and hairless skin. In this article we explain the most popular methods for removing hair at home.

Shaving: It is the most popular way to remove unwanted hair as it is cheap and quick. A woman can shave while she is showering; the process is quite easy and doesn’t consume much time. It is one of the most affordable methods to remove unwanted hair. Consider buying sharp razor blades and change them regularly. There are razors especially designed for women which allow them to remove the hairs more closely. The downside of shaving is that it has to be done on a daily basis to maintain smooth body.

Waxing: It is a painful but popular method to remove unwanted hair. The good side in using this method is that its results can last for two or three weeks. The idea behind waxing is simple; a small amount of wax or sugar substance is heated and then applied to your body. A strip of fabric is pressed into the wax. When the wax hardens, the strip is quickly pulled away to reveal smooth, hairless body. It is somewhat hard to make it at home as it can be messy. Take care that waxes that work well usually remove the top layer of skin along with the hair. So if you have a sensitive skin, consult a professional before attempting to try it.

Depilatory Cream: Is a pain-free, quick, and easy method to remove the unwanted hair. The cream is simply applied and left on for a few minutes. It breaks down the hair above skin level, thus making it easy for you to wipe off the hair and the cream from the skin. Do a patch test before using a particular brand.

Apply the cream on a small patch of skin to try it out. Remove the cream off instantly if you feel any kind of burning or itching sensation, and never leave it on for longer than as mentioned on the packet. If you have sensitive skin, consider buying one that is for sensitive skin. Creams should only be used on unbroken, unirritated skin.

Tweezing: It is slow compared to shaving but it lasts longer as hair is pulled out at the root, so it takes longer time to grow back. It is very effective for the small areas. Clean the tweezers tips with alcohol after every time to prevent infection.

The Best Methods to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair at Home


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