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How to Make and Use Body Sugaring Paste

Sugaring is one of the oldest methods that has been used for centuries for removing unwanted body hair. It utilizes a natural paste that is made from three natural ingredients: water, lemon juice, and sugar. It is very easy yet effective way to remove unwanted hair from any part of your body. It removes the hair from the roots leaving your skin smooth and soft. In this article, we are going to tell you how to make this amazing paste and how to use it.

To make the sugaring paste, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Combine 2 cups of sugar with ½ cup of lemon juice and ½ cup of water, then heat the ingredients in a small pan.

2. Place the pan on the stove at a low heat and start stirring the ingredients constantly until all the sugar granules are dissolved.

3. When the sugar mixture stat to form small bubbles, check its color if it turned to the amber color, remove it from the heat source.

4. Allow the mixture to cool until you can touch it. Once it has cooled you can apply it on your skin or you can store it in a jar and use it when needed by heating in the microwave.

After making the paste you need to apply the following tips to get the best results:

1. Make sure your hair is long enough. The paste will not be able to pick up the hair from the roots if your hair is short.

2. Before using the sugaring technique, make sure your body is clean and free of any oils. You can spread talcum powder to the area to absorb any oils on the skin. And it is preferable to exfoliate your
skin one day before using the sugaring paste to achieve better results.

3. Spread a thin layer of warm paste in the direction of your hair growth. Then pull the paste in the opposite direction of hair growth. You should hold your skin firmly with one hand while pulling the paste with the other hand. This technique will help to pull the hair from the root and keep your skin smooth and soft for weeks. You can pull the paste with a muslin strip or with your fingers. At first, this will be somewhat painful but with time you will not feel any pain.

How to Make and Use Body Sugaring Paste


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