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Laser Hair Removal methods

Laser hair removal is the best option for you if you want to get rid of the extra body hair that is unneeded .this process is permanent and less painful than any other known method , read the following tips to know about the different methods of the procedure

Although laser hair removal method is permanent, you will not see the results on your first visit.. that’s because hair follicles grow at different times; therefore, some of the follicles will be hidden and are not treated. The average treatment will occur after approximately 2/3 of the hair being removed .If you want to use the home laser machines you need to know that they use a lesser amount of voltage, therefore allowing a greater number of hair follicles to survive and re-grow.

What are the laser Hair Removal Methods ?

1 – Galvanic :
which is considered the oldest type .the mechanism works by passing current to each follicle, then a chemically unstable compound gets created which in the breaking down of the tissue and separates the follicle from wall surrounding the hair. The hair follicle consists of 6 layers.

The chemically unstable compound which is sodium hydroxide makes the weaker layers breakdown easily thus allowing inner-most part of the follicle to be removed. However, sodium hydroxide continues to work for some time after the hair is removed, which facilitates the death of the outer layers and re-growth cells. Make sure that the doctor is skilled enough to perform this procedure so as not to cause any skin discoloration.

2 – Thermolysis :
 in this process the area around the hair follicle is heated up to cause the death and removal permanently. To heat those surrounding areas, a very tiny and thin probe will be injected into the skin and alternating current will be passed through. At the right degree of temperature, the cells burn up and hair finally stops growing. If this method is not done with care under the supervision of someone skilled, it could lead to skin burns and scars.

3 – Blend of Galvanic and Thermolysis :
The is the most successful method of all , as it is made of a blend of both previous methods , it has a higher percentage of success causing permanent hair removal .in This process galvanic lye and alternative pulses of current are used to burn off the hair follicle and it’s root permanently.

Laser Hair Removal methods


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