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Practical and Simple Ways to Remove Facial Hair

Facial hair is something that most women like to get rid of; some women prefer to remove all their facial hair and some other prefer to remove the hair from some certain areas like the hair in the upper lip area. The facial hair has no different nature, but it should be carefully removed because your face skin is so tender and it can be easily affected by any inappropriate hair removing method, so let’s find out what are the options that you have to remove our facial hair and what is the best of them.

Some women prefer shaving; it’s easy, cheap and takes no time, but let me tell you something, shaving could cause your face skin some problems like irritation and allergic reactions, so it’s recommended to be avoided especially if your skin is sensitive. If you feel like shaving is the method that fits you, make sure to use shaving gel or cream and remember to apply a moisturizer after you finish to avoid any dryness on your face skin.

Tweezers are used by most women around the world; this method is used especially to remove the extra hairs of the eyebrows. Tweezers gives good result and they really remove the roots of the hair, but you can’t use it on big areas of your face. If you like the tweezers method and you want to apply it on your entire face, try the epilators. There are thousand of brands that made epilators for facial hair removal and they give the same results as the tweezers, they may be painful, but you will get use to it by time.

This may sound familiar to you and I mean the hair remover creams. This method is so easy to use, you simply apply the cream on the area where you want to remove the hair from, and then you wait for little while then rinse your face. This method is a little like shaving, because the hair grows again after about a week.

This may sound weird, but there is an old method that is used in wide range in the Middle East and India and it’s called threading. Yes, you remove your facial hair by using thread. This method is preferred to be done by a professional at a salon or you can use any of the new home tools that are sold in the markets which work with thread method. It’s a painful method, but it gives good results.

You have no time to do any of the previous methods or you want a long time investment? Then you should try the electrolysis or laser method. The electrolysis or laser methods are permanent, they may be expensive, but like I said they are a long term investments. Save the money that you will spend on the shavers, hair removing creams or any of the other facial hair removers and invests in a permanent result. These methods destroy the hair roots, which means good bye facial hair; you may need couple of sessions to get the required result.

It’s good to look for some easy and simple ways, but remember your face skin isn’t like the rest of your body, so you should be so tender when you deal with. All the previous methods are effective and they really remove facial hair, but take a minute and think about what will be the best method for your face and please don’t follow anyone’s advice like a friend who tired a method and it really worked for her, your face skin could be different and what worked for your friend or even your sister, may not be appropriate for you to apply.

It’s all for your safety and that is more important than getting rid of your facial hair, so please take good care of yourself, try any method on small part of your skin before you apply it and it’s preferred to ask an expert or even your dermatologist before you take any step especially if you suffer from any kind of skin problems.

Practical and Simple Ways to Remove Facial Hair


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