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The Pros and Cons of Different Hair Removal Methods

Every time you decide to remove your body’s hair, you remember the painful moments of the previous session or the money you pay for every hair removal session. Actually, you can try to remove your hair at home and choose the suitable method for your body with the help of the coming lines.

The laser is an effective hair removal method, as the follicles can absorb its hot light to destroy the origins of the hair completely within three to seven sessions. Such a hair removal method is a permanent and safe solution that will take no time compared to any other method. To avoid its disadvantages, you should attend the laser hair removal sessions under medical supervision and avoid the sun exposure and chemical creams for a month before and after every session.

The electrolysis removal method uses a similar technique destroying the root of every follicle with a needle-like electrode that creates an electric current in the follicle. using the electrolysis kit at home is not recommended, as the wrong use can leave dark spots or even burned areas.

The wax is a temporary hair removal method that can work for all the parts of your body. The good quality wax will leave your skin smooth and clean for two to four weeks, but you will let your hair grow for about 1\4 inch for the coming session. After the wax hair removal session, you can use olive oil or your favorite oil to remove the excessive wax and leave your body smooth and moisturized.

When you are in a hurry, the shaving can be your savor, as it works for the light and dark hair. Such a method is easy, inexpensive, and painless, but you should repeat the session every three days, because the razor cuts off the surface of the hair. If you use this method regularly, you should exfoliate your skin a scrub or use a body lotion daily to avoid the problem of ingrown hair. Instead, you can use a hydrating aftershave lotion to avoid the dry skin and ingrown hair problems.

The tweezers represent a perfect hair removal method for your face, as you can pull the small and unseen hair, but you should pick up good quality Tweezers to avoid the broken hair. The sugaring is a traditional, yet effective hair removal method that can serve as an alternative for sensitive people to wax.

Different Hair Removal Methods


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