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  • Mistakes to avoid while ironing your hair

    8 Mistakes to avoid while ironing your hair

    Ironing your hair is a magical solution for all of us who are always on the go. Styling your hair at home saves the time and money we feel obligated to spend in a salon. In a hurry to style our hair, we tend to do a number of mistakes that ruin either the hair or the final look ofnthe hair. Either way, it ends up damaging the locks and this is never good. Thus, in this article we compiled a list of the common mistakes we should avoid while ironing the hair. 1. Forgeting hair protection One mistake that ruins it all for us is skipping hair protection. A thermal protectant spray actually protects the locks from being damaged…

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  • 3 Great Avocado Hair Masks

    3 Great Avocado Hair Masks

    Your hair plays a great role in your look, and if it is healthy, it boosts up your confidence and makes you look beautiful. Girls spend a fortune on care hair products that claim to provide glossy hair, split end free hair and less hair fall in an instant. But, the chemicals in these cosmetic products have the ability to damage hair or scalp skin. Therefore, opting for home remedies is the best possible way to treat hair. And once you hear natural remedy for hair, avocado should be the first thing to cross your mind. Avocado consists of moisturizing and hydrating properties which make it a vital ingredient to treat hair in a healthy and natural way. Here are…

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  • The Best Three Oils For Your Hair.

    The Best Three Oils For Your Hair

    Different oils have Different ingredients and properties that can benefit the hair in different ways. If you want to learn which oil can work best for your type of hair and how to use it then this post is for you. We will share the best natural oils for hair health and which oil suits which type of hair. 1- Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is the most common oil people use for their hairs, the benefits of coconut oil for the hair are undeniable. It acts as a heat protectant before heat styling, repairs hair damage and breakage, prevents hair loss and aids in hair growth. Because of the properties found in coconut oil, it gets absorbed by the hair…

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  • 4 Ways Yogurt is Good For Your Hair

    4 Ways Yogurt is Good For Your Hair

    Keeping your hair healthy and glowing is what all the girls are looking for. Your hair requires a lot of care and effort to grow healthy. While there are many hair care products that promise to grow your hair, it is always better to go natural. Yogurt is a natural ingredient that has been used as a hair care ingredient since ancient times. Yogurt is rich in vitamins and fatty acids that are beneficial ingredients for hair growth. In this article, we are going to share some effective ways to use yogurt for your hair. 1. Yogurt to Promote Hair Growth: Eggs and yogurt mask is an effective remedy for hair growth. That is because eggs are packed with proteins…

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  • 4 Ways To Use Rice Water For Better Hair And Skin

    4 Ways To Use Rice Water For Better Hair And Skin

    Rice is one of the staple foods in Asian countries and many other regions as well. But aside from its popularity as a tasty food, people in those countries use rice water to beautify their skin and hair. Rice water has high amounts of starch, which makes it rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E, minerals and also contains traces of pitera, a substance that is formed during the fermentation process. If you want to know how to use this water to beautify your hair and skin, this article will show you 5 ways to do the trick.. 1. Improves Hair Health: Rice water contains inositol, a kind of carbohydrate that can prevent hair damage and strengthen the roots of your hair.…

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  • The Best Vitamins for Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails

    The Best Vitamins for Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails

    Every woman dreams of healthy hair, glowing skin, and good-looking nails as they are three vital factors that enhance her beauty. The way to achieve this target includes main aspects such as following a balanced diet, drinking sufficient amount of water, sleep well and taking the essential vitamins. There are many vitamins that have proven great effect in terms of enhancing the health of your nails, hair, and skin. But you should know the fact that although vitamin deficiencies could cause problems with skin, hair, and nails, taking a high dose of any one vitamin could cause toxicity symptoms. So it is wise to consult your doctor before taking vitamin supplements to ensure that they are safe for you. Hair:…

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  • Top 4 Vitamins for Thicker Hair

    Top 4 Vitamins for Thicker Hair

    Thick and healthy hair is a desire for every woman. Although hair thickness depends greatly on genetics and certain external environmental factors, the good nutrition can also have a big effect on your hair health and look. The good nutrition presents in eating healthy foods that contain vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, and folic acids. Vitamins are important organic substances for eyes, nails, skin, and hair. The lack of exact vitamins in your body can cause your hair to fall and thin. The following list of vitamins will provide you with all the essential vitamins you need to have thicker and beautiful hair. Vitamin A: It helps in regulating the production of sebum which helps in keeping your…

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  • Vitamins for Thinning Hair

    Vitamins for Thinning Hair

    If you are one of these women leading a stressful life , with a lot on your mind then you need to know that you are at risk of having thinning hair, you don’t need to worry about it though as there are many products that are here for the rescue ,such as special vitamins and others , read the following article to learn more . Vitamins are necessary for the body to maintain the basic functions, sometimes our lifestyles don’t allow us to eat enough healthy food to get those vitamins. These nutrients are transferred to the blood stream then to the scalp of your hair to help it grow and stay strong . there are some tips you…

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  • The Essential Vitamins and Supplements For Thinning Hair

    The Essential Vitamins and Supplements For Thinning Hair

    Losing hair is a normal condition that happens to our hair every day. The hair that falls out are quickly replaced by a new hair as our hair is in a constant state of growing and falling. But when the falling hair are not replaced by a new hair this causes thinning hair. They are many factors that can cause hair loss include genetics, medications, medical conditions, aging and nutritional deficiencies. Following a balanced diet, taking vitamins and minerals can have a great effect in boosting hair growth. And here are some supplements that have proven high effectiveness in treating hair loss problem. Vitamin A: Vitamin A is known to promote hair growth, but take care because too much can…

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  • 5 Essential Vitamins for Hair Growth

    5 Essential Vitamins for Hair Growth

    The strong and healthy hair greatly affects your beauty that urges every woman to pay much attention to her hair. Women buy many products and try several means to fasten the growth of their hair, but what most of them ignore is the proper nutrition. Don’t wait for your hair to grow fast if you are not having the proper nutrition even if you are using the best hair care products to treat it. Vitamins are a vital player in the nutrients that your hair needs. There are vitamins that promote fast hair growth and you can find them in many foods. But since most of them are lost during cooking, it is a good choice to take supplements that…

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  • Prenatal Vitamins Improve Hair Growth, True or False

    Prenatal Vitamins Improve Hair Growth, True or False?

    Fashion, makeup, fitness and hair, most women became so obsessed with these four words, every woman’s dream is to look like celebrities and they try many means to reach that goal, but take a minute and ask yourself, am I using the safe ways? In this article I will give you the answer about using prenatal vitamins and whether it’s safe to use to improve your hair growth or not. Before we answer the question, let’s take a closer look at the prenatal vitamins, these vitamins consist of three major ingredients, iron, calcium and folic acid and for sure there are some other vitamins besides. In general folic acid is responsible for creating new cells, calcium is a very important…

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  • The Best Herbal Teas for Hair Growth

    The Best Herbal Teas for Hair Growth

    Herbal teas have a lot of benefits to your health, mood and even your hair. Since some herbal teas can stimulate hair growth, many people who are suffering from hair fall are rinsing their hair and scalp with certain herbal teas and they get fantastic results. Mentioned below are some of the herbal teas that you can use to improve your hair. Before we start, keep in mind that the teas should be at room temperature before applying it to your hair and scalp. Horsetail Tea: It contains silica which strengths your bones, nails and practically your tresses. By strengthening your strands it prevents breakage and that is why this tea is very effective in promoting thick and beautiful hair.…

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