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8 Mistakes to avoid while ironing your hair

Ironing your hair is a magical solution for all of us who are always on the go. Styling your hair at home saves the time and money we feel obligated to spend in a salon. In a hurry to style our hair, we tend to do a number of mistakes that ruin either the hair or the final look ofnthe hair. Either way, it ends up damaging the locks and this is never good. Thus, in this article we compiled a list of the common mistakes we should avoid while ironing the hair.

1. Forgeting hair protection
One mistake that ruins it all for us is skipping hair protection. A thermal protectant spray actually protects the locks from being damaged by the heat. It also eleminates frizz and prevents split ending. Apply the spray to clean and damp hair to add smoothness to your hair and protect it.

2. Damp hair ironing is a big NO
Alot of women have this bad habit of ironing the hair while it is still damp. This habit causes the hair to get burnt and it is behind all the sizzling and steam you see. When you see steam while ironing your hair, it is an absolute sign that you are doing something wrong and this wrong thing you are doing is burning your hair. Always make sure that your hair is totally dry before exposing it to the iron.

3. High temperature
The temperature should always be set depending on the thickness of your hair. Setting the temperature too high for the nature of your hair locks will end up damaging your hair. Try setting the temperature between 300 and 400 depending the thickness and no more than that.

4. Low temperature
Does it make any sense to you? High temperature causes the strands to burn but what happens when the temperature is too low? In this case, you will have to run over the same part a number of times before it makes an effect. This will weaken the strands and make them break. Too high is bad, too low is bad but medium to high is perfect for time, efficacy and hair healthiness.

Follow the sequel article to learn the other common mistakes we do when we hair-style using an iron. Keep your hair well styled and healthy by avoiding these mistakes from now on.

Mistakes to avoid while ironing your hair


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