4 Things Your Hairdresser Wants to Tell You but Usually Doesn’t

Every girl goes to a hairdresser from time to time. Because, even if you are used to doing much if your hair care yourself, or even if you cannot afford to spend much money on professional hair care, you still go to a hairdresser.

Some things are better left to the masters. And those masters wish to tell you certain things their time but they don’t. These things are:

1- You need to wash your hair before going to the hairdressers. Only cheapskates go to a hairdresser without washing their hair. They waste their time and other’s time as well. Moreover, the washing process will be rushed so that your hairdresser could get to do whatever it is you want done.

2- Accept suggestions and be thankful for them. So maybe you are going to your hairdresser with a certain idea in your mind. Maybe you are thinking about a certain highlight color or considering a certain cut. However, your hairdresser has seen many and knows best what will work for you or look good on you.

3- Never lie when it comes to your hair. You go to the hairdresser because you want to dye, bleach or straighten your hair. So, when the hairdresser asks you if you did any chemical treatment to your hair within the last month, don’t lie, please. And if you do lie, don’t blame anyone but yourself later.

4- Time is of the essence. Make an appointment if you are going to the hair dresser. And keep in mind that a delay could happen (because of lazy customers who don’t wash their hair). Therefore, go to your hairdresser when it is okay if he starts working on your hair a little late.

Hairdresser Wants to Tell You but Usually Doesn’t


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