8 Mistakes to avoid while ironing your hair continued

In the former article we discussed four mistakes we do when we hair-style using a flat iron. These four mistakes being: forgeting to use a hair protecting spray, ironing your hair while still damp, too high temperature and too low temperature. We explained these mistakes in simple detailing so feel free to get back to the article 8 mistakes to avoid while ironing your hair. Now, let’s know more about the remaining three mistakes women tend to do while hair-styling with a flat iron.

5. Conditioner
When it comes to hair-styling with a flat iron, a conditioner is your best friend. A conditioner Will never straighten your hair on its own. However, it will provide your hair with the moisture and smoothness needed for the perfect styling. Start your styling in the shower after shampooing your hair and rinsing it. Apply some conditioner and brush your hair to get the conditioner to every strand. It will make your hair more compliant and more smooth.

6. Avoid a flat hair
Avoid pulling the iron down when you are straightening your hair, why? Straightening your hair down parallel to your face results in a flat-looking hair. A hair styling is better when it has volume. Thus, try either an upward or a c shaped styling. This will add more volume to your hair and make you look royal.

7. Skipping hair sectioning
It is of vital importance to always section your hair before ironing it. Sectioning your hair will make your work more focused, more efficient and more organized. It prevents the hair damage caused from repeating the same strands over and over.

8. Dirty iron
A dirty iron is more likely to have trouble operating smoothly. Ironing your hair means that your iron is objected to the styling products, the conditioners and the protectant sprays in your hair. All these products will add up and build up dirt on the iron. These residues can cause your hair to get snagged and burnt.

So what should we do? A regular clean up is highly advisable especially if you use your iron on a regular basis. Cleaning your iron is simple; you just need a alcohol or lukewarm water and a cloth. Rub the alcohol or the lukewarm water to the iron’s surface with the cloth then dry thoroughly. Ensure that the iron is completely dry before you use it again.

Mistakes to avoid while ironing your hair


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