Tips to dye your hair at home

Beauty salons are sometimes expensive , not all women can afford visiting them every time they need to change their hair color that’s why we thought its important for each diva to know how to style and color her own hair at home easily with the least expenses .the best thing is that there are a number of dye kits available at stores that can allow you to try out a wide variety of color options. Read below for more tips on how to color your hair at home .

To begin with you should first decide whether if .Are you planning a drastic change such as turning a dark hair color to a light blonde? Is your hair very coarse and difficult to dye? Do you have a bunch of grey hairs that you need to get rid of ? the most important thing to know is that you should seek a professional help if you are looking for drastic changes and if you are not experienced enough because this will prevent unwanted colors (orange, green) and will keep you from accidentally over-processing and severely damaging your hair.

When you go looking for a new hair color you can safely go up or down (lighter or darker) two or three levels. Additionally, have you chosen a warm or cool tone? This makes a difference because the dyes used for cool tones have a green tint in them, whereas warm colors will have a red tinge.

The following are some general tips you should know about before planning to dye your hair at home if your hair is shoulder-length or longer you need to be sure you have enough that’s why we advise to buy two boxes.

Moreover you must start by coloring your roots if you haven’t dyed your hair for a long time or haven’t dyed it all before .For natural-looking color, use permanent to lighten the roots first, then demi-permanent next to brighten the tone.

You can mix two shades if you like them both and you can’t choose between them. for example, two blond tones next to each other on the shelf are going to be the best choice for mixing . the best tips you must learn is that Vaseline can work wonders if you want to prevent stains. Swipe with a baby wipe to remove color on your forehead or around your ears.

Tips to dye your hair at home


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