Nano medicine, a revolution in cancer treatment

Cancer is the most wide spread disease nowadays, According to the World Health Organization (WHO) there will be 15 million cancer patients by the year 2020. The most organs that are affected by it are the vital ones which increase the mortality rate .as vicious as it is there is always hope. many pharmaceuticals companies are working to find a solution through conducting a wide range of research .one of the revolutionary findings is nanotechnology which can be the future solution to cure cancer .read this article to learn more.

Nanotechnology has been proven to be extremely beneficial in fighting the cancer cells in so many different ways. Nanotechnology has been proven to be extremely beneficial in fighting the cancer cells in so many different ways. But what is Nano medicine ? its simply applying the nanotechnology medically in the treatments and medications of many diseases

One of the main roles of Nano medicine is diagnosis of cancer and finding accurate imaging .there are certain nano particles which contain iron oxide , these particles if used with nanotechnology can bind to the tumors caused by cancer as they possess certain magnetic abilities .this helps to identify the tumors and their locations in the body easily as they can appear with high clarity in the tests and scans . this will also aid the doctors in removing the tumors as well .

There are may other benefits for nanotechnology .one of these benefits is that they can improve the drugs efficiency in reducing toxic substances associated with the disease. another thing is that it can aid it creating targeted drugs that can attack the cancerous cells easily and with accuracy .this will aid in drug resistance and will help control the dosage and the absorption of the useful elements in the body .

it also helps in transmitting the drugs to places where there are barriers like gastrointestinal tract and the blood–brain barrier. This technology also gives the scientists a chance to explore more possibilities for successful vaccines as well as increasing the therapeutic properties of any treatment

To summarize, scientists are gaining more knowledge about this new technology everyday .as it will open doors to a great opportunity in treatment of different of malicious diseases such as cancer . its expected that soon this technology will conquer the field of cancer treatment and will improve its quality drastically as to increase the patients survival rate .

Nano medicine, a revolution in cancer treatment


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