Important eczema triggers that you need to know

The medical condition called eczema is described as a skin inflammation which causes it to be red or itchy along with other complications .its very common as it has infected millions of people worldwide. Read below to know some triggers that might cause eczema.

What are the main and most common two types of eczema ?
Atopic eczema. This is caused by an internal body problem .a patient is most likely born with a tendency for skin inflammation. different parts of the skin will flare up with inflammation .
Contact dermatitis. This is caused by an external factor. It causes the appearance of patches of inflamed skin which have come into contact with an irritating factor and would end by staying away from the cause or the factor.

What are some eczema triggers?

1 – Chemicals : a very common cause for eczema they are found in products of daily use like hand and dish soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, bubble bath and body wash, or surface cleaners and disinfectants. Sometimes they are found in some juice liquids.

2 – Stress : scientists don’t know the exact reason of why stress triggers eczema at so many times . people reported this eczema as a skin flare mostly appearing when they are stressed

3 – Food allergy : there are many food items that can cause eczema to appear on the skin like cow’s milk, eggs, soya, wheat, fish and nuts.if you notice that some food causes eczema for you then you must consult yor doctor to know what other foods you should avoid

4 – The Sun and Sweat : your skin may be sensitive to sweat that’s why you must apply sunscreen all the time to avoid sunburns and thus avoid eczema . if you are skin cannot tolerate sunscreen then resort to natural methods like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

5 – Allergies: Some people get eczema because they are allergic to pollen, pet dander. Avoid this problem by keeping your house clean all the time and by dusting and vacuuming regularly you should also get rid of heavy drapes and carpeting as they tend to collect dust easily .

If you are confused about what causes you eczema you must have some skin tests and blood tests .you can easily ask your doctor about them and they would recommend what is suitable for you

Important eczema triggers that you need to know


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