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5 Amazing Uses for Starch That’ll Make You Buy It in Bulk

Many people don’t know anything about starch, and most people don’t use it for anything except making pudding. It usually sits there in the corner of your kitchen cabinet until it reaches its expiration date and be tossed away. However, starch does have plenty of amazing uses for cooking, cleaning, house maintenance, and even for hair care. I will share with you some of the greatest uses of starch:

1- You can remove oily stains from delicate fabrics and materials such as leather and silk. Instead of trying to rub the stain clean and ruining the fabric in the process, cover the stain with a little bit of starch from both sides and leave it for a bit until it absorbs the oil and rub it off afterwards. The same trick works on stains on carpets and rugs.

2- Starch can make your silverware as shiny as they were the day you bought it. Just rub the silverware with a solution of water and starch.

3- Old houses have their own charm and elegance. It is a shame though that this feeling of elegance is interrupted by the sound of the squeaky wooden floors. Try this trick to get rid of the noise: empty a package of starch on the floor and sweep it from one end of the floor to the other. The starch will find its way between the creaks and the floor won’t make any more noises.

4- Starch absorbs smells as well. To get rid of the stench in your shoes and the stuffy smell in your wardrobe, put a little bit of starch in a pouch you can make out of old pantyhose.

5- Starch is a wonderful dry shampoo as well. If you are pressed for time or have any other reason for which you cannot wash your hair, sprinkle starch over your hair and rub a little of it on your scalp. It will absorb all the sebum, the oil and the dirt. Comb your hair well afterwards.

Uses for Starch That’ll Make You Buy It in Bulk


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