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Enjoy a Healthy Colon with These Food Categories

Your colon is one of the waste removal organs that contain about 100 trillion friendly bacteria. As a part of your digestive system, your colon is affected by the stress, lack of exercises, and the quality, type, and amount of your food then affects your overall health and peace of mind. This article will help you protect your colon and improve its performance perfectly.

If you already have problems with your colon, you should reduce the white sugar, white flour, alcohol, ice cream, cheese, and coffee from your daily diet. Try to avoid the categories of food your body has intolerance to, as they will enhance the likelihood of toxicities. Instead, you should have vegetables with large green leaves and high chlorophyll content such as spinach, wheatgrass, broccoli sprouts, barley grass, and blue-green algae.

Your food with high insoluble fiber will pass quickly and smoothly throughout your colon and hold moisture in your digestive tract. For this, you should eat plenty of fruits, nuts, vegetables, oats, flaxseeds, peas, citrus, strawberry, carrots, beets, and whole grain pasta, bread, and flour. Try to have up to 35 grams of fibers daily if you haven’t inflammatory bowel conditions.

Drinking water and thirst quenchers such as green tea, fruit juice, and lemon will prevent constipation and detoxify your colon. You should drink 13 cups of water as a man and 9 cups as a woman daily to detox your colon perfectly, but you can increase this amount when you increase fiber intake. The best time to drink water and cleanse your digestive system is 20 minutes before the breakfast or between the meals.

The beneficial bacteria like Bifidobacteria can resist the harmful microorganisms, prevent colon diseases, reduce toxins, extract vitamins from the remnants, and enhance the function of your immune system. To enhance the existence of such beneficial bacteria, you can simply eat fermented foods such as miso, yogurt, sauerkraut, and kefir.

In addition to such food categories, you should increase your daily quota of food rich with vitamin D and omega-3 such as fish, avocado, garlic, cereal, and milk. If you have chronic inflammation or colon pain, the blueberry will serve as an antibiotic, block the urinary tract bacteria, reduce toxins, and prevent infections. The cabbage has similar cleansing features along with anticancer properties to help you enjoy a healthy colon most of your days.

Enjoy a Healthy Colon with These Food Categories


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