5 Effective Natural Treatments for Rhinitis

Rhinitis – which some people call hay fever – is the congestion, sneezing, runny nose, and sinus pressure symptoms you have when you encounter aeroallergens such as pollen, dust mites or animal protein found in animal urine or dander. Rhinitis is a type of allergy. Sadly, scientists haven’t figured out yet the reason why some people are allergic to certain things while others aren’t. There are, however, some natural treatments that can lighten the effects and symptoms of rhinitis, such as:

1) Green Tea: Green tea is a natural treatment for many things, one of which is rhinitis. It prevents your neural cells from overreacting to aeroallergens and over-production of histamine. Two cups of green tea a day is a good habit for lightening the effects of rhinitis.

2) Washing hair frequently. Pollen, dirt, and dust mites are among the things that can stick to your hair. Therefore, washing hair frequently will guarantee that you rid your hair of these things and that you will not inhale these things that will cause allergic symptoms.

3) Nose irritation is among the symptoms rhinitis can cause. You can lessen the feeling of irritation and the symptoms that come with it such as sneezing and runny nose by rubbing a little amount of Vaseline inside your nostrils,

4) Chamomile has an extensive calming effect. It can calm and lighten the effects of rhinitis. Drink boiled chamomile and inhale its steam. Also add chamomile oil to you hair and skin care products.

5) Avoid smoking and smokers. Nicotine and burnt tar are among the things that can greatly intensify the effects of rhinitis. Quit smoking and avoid places where smokers are.

Natural Treatments for Rhinitis


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