6 Main Reasons Your Cold Won’t Go Away

Almost everyone will be hit with some form of the common cold during winter, but some suffer more than others. Although it is really common to catch a cold during when the temperature drops, some bad things you are doing could be to blame. Here are 6 things we do during winter makes it easier for cold viruses to spread and makes it harder for a cold to go away.

1. Lack of Fluids: The key to flushing a bad cold out of your system is fluids. And that is why we always feel better when we eat a bowl of chicken soup or drink a big glass of orange juice when we’re ill, it’s helping flush all those bad bugs out. Drink as much as you can; stay hydrated and you’ll kick that cold in no time.

2. Overdressing: Catching a chill after a long day out in the low temperatures does not lead to a cold – colds are caused by viruses. So when going outside during cold weather, you need to dress in layers, choosing natural fabrics or those designed for athletic use, to keep yourself comfortable, warm and dry.

3. Lack of Sleep: Sleeping is one of the keys to getting rid of a cold, fast. Your body needs the time to recover, and the rest lets your body use the energy it does have to fight off whatever bug you’re suffering from. If you needed a reason to call in sick when you’re not feeling well, this is it.

4. Smoking: Smoking is an attack on your lungs and throat, so smoking when you’re feeling ill can only make your symptoms worse. Try and limit your cigarette intake when you’re sick if you’re a smoker, and stay away from smoking altogether if you’re not (that includes secondhand smoke!).

5. Not Getting Enough Vitamin D: Low vitamin D has been shown to impact our immune systems and make us susceptible to colds. Adults should take 400 to 1,000 IU a day in a supplement pill or drops to impact health overall, including your bones, long-term risk for serious illnesses such as cancer, and short-term health of your immune system to fend off colds and flues.

6. Drinking Alcohol: Alcohol is dehydrating, and as we said above you need to be hydrated to kick a cold. Studies have also shown that alcohol can weaken your immune system, making it harder for you to beat what’s ailing you and opening you up to a host of other bugs.

6 Main Reasons Your Cold Won’t Go Away


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