Check Your Refrigerator Now and Get All of These 6 Things Out of It

Refrigerators are one of the greatest inventions ever. Why not since they are the reason why you could buy food ingredients and store them for a while instead of the back and forth journey to the market or the convenience store. However, people now are so used to using refrigerators that they toss everything inside them, even things that do not need to be kept in cold temperatures.

1- Chilli hot sauce. Chilli has natural anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. Therefore don’t worry about leaving it in your kitchen cabinet instead of your fridge door or shelf. It can stay god and edible in your kitchen cabiet for three years.

2- Potatoes. Potatoes are considered by many a kitchen staple, just like milk. We love them fried, mashed, baked…etc. They can get spoilt quickly in hot weather so many people put them in their refrigerators. However, storing potatoes in a refrigerator can make their taste change. To make sure potatoes stay ok out of your refrigerator for up to one month, don’t store them in a plastic bag and put a pear or an apple among them.

3- Bread. Well, I understand that you need to store bread in a cold temperature so it wouldn’t go stale or bad within few hours, but storing it in a refrigerator is not the right way. However, you CAN freeze the bread you are not eating today and heat it when you need it.

4- Onions. Onions should not be kept in your refrigerator because their smell can get to your dairy products and other food items changing their smell and flavor. Besides your refrigerator is full of humid air that can spoil onions quickly. Store onions in a basket or a net you can hang somewhere with enough air circulation in your kitchen.

5- Garlic. Garlic is another food item that doesn’t need to be kept in your refrigerator. Similar to onions, garlic has a pungent smell that can change the flavor and the taste of the food in your refrigerator. If there is little or no humidity, garlic will stay edible for up to 70 days.

6- Vegetable oil. Vegetable oil is another thing that shouldn’t be kept in your refrigerator. It absorbs smells easily and it solidifies and changes in texture. This will make using it difficult. Oil can stay edible on your kitchen shelf 6 to 9 months.

Check Your Refrigerator Now


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