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Got a Cut but Got No Disinfectant? Treat Your Cuts and Grazes with the Things in Your kitchen

Cuts and grazes are minor wounds that happen when the very first layer of the skin get a scrape or a cut. Cuts and grazes happen to each and every one of us, men or women, young or old.

And although they are minor, they need to be treated immediately or they could get seriously infected. However, what to do if you do not happen to have a disinfectant at hand? You can first wash the grazed area well and then you can try some of the following treatments which you can find right in your pantry:

1- Honey. It is nature’s antibiotic. It also fights bacteria and viruses. Just rub the scraped area lightly with some honey and then bandage it. Or you can even leave it as it is if the cut isn’t somewhere that can be rubbed off by your clothes. Few hours after that, wash the scraped area and reapply the treatment. Believe me it won’t take as much as manufactured antibiotics do.

2- Garlic. Garlic is the second most powerful natural antibacterial and antifungal treatment. It cures, not only cuts and scrapes, but other skin problems like zits and acne as well, and in no time to boot. Once you get a scratch or have a cut, crush a few cloves of garlic, and put them on the cut and wrap with a bandage and leave it on for 15 minutes before removing the bandage and the garlic and washing the place off. You won’t believe your eyes at the results.

3- Aloe Vera. Not only does aloe Vera have antiviral and
antibacterial properties, but it has anti-inflammatory properties as well. Using aloe vera for treating cuts and grazes is easy. Just get a leaf of aloe vera plant, remove its skin and apply it to the cut.

4- Tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a well-known antimicrobial agent. Many brand name companies include it in the making of their makeup cleansing solutions and cosmetics. To treat cuts and grazes with tea tree oil, all you need to do is to dilute a little bit of tea tree oil in a cup of water and wet a clean cloth with it, and use it to pat the infected area.

Different cultures differ in the methods they use for treating cuts and grazes with natural treatments. Share yours with us.

Treat Your Cuts and Grazes with the Things in Your kitchen


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