Don’t Waste The Blessing of Food! Here Are 6 Great Ways to Use Overripe Fruits

Do you have a withered out fruit? When you have an abundance of fresh fruits or juicy fruits, of course some of these fruits will go spoiled. Those fruits can be used instead of throwing them in the garbage. Even overripe fruits have some benefit. So you need to read the following ideas on how to make the best of overripe fruits.

1-Put them into Fruit preserves
Fruit preserves with bread can make a very good meal for breakfast. So you need to try this meal if you have not done it yet. Also, you can use the web to how to make fruit jam or preserving fruits. It is easy to make. what you basically need is to boil the crushed fruit of your choice, add pectin then transfer the fruits after blending to clean jars then cover it with an air-tight lid on. Now you have homemade.

2- Mixing bananas with a bread
Bananas can be blended with bread. Also peaches, strawberries, and nectarines can be combined with breads too. All you need to do is apply recipes for banana breads or any other types of bread.

3- Mixing cobbler with crumble pie
Another way for saving overripe fruits is mixing them with pastry. The way of mixing cobbler and crumble pies are very is to make. You can find many recipes for this way on most cookbooks online and offline.

4- You can make smoothies of overripe fruits
Smoothies are made now from overripe fruit products. Surprisingly enough, these old overripe fruits have a good taste in smoothies more than new and fresh fruits.

5- Convert Overripe Fruits into a chunky sauce that can be used for dressing pancakes or ice creams.
This sauce is easy to prepare by smashing the fruits with a potato masher. Also you can put it on sundaes, ice creams, and pancakes. By the way, you can combine the pureed fruits then put its inside rolls of pancakes to make a fruit-filled pancake. This is considered by many a delicious meal.

6- Make a meat sauce out of it.
You can use the old and overripe fruits for making meat sauce if it still has all its juices. Make a puree of the fruits making the pieces as little as possible, then add it to chicken stock and balsamic vinegar and put it into a food or meats which need a sauce.

 Ways to Use Overripe Fruits


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