7 Signs of A Panic Attack

A panic attack is the result of a sudden surge of overwhelming fear and anxiety. Panic attacks are very frightening and they seem to happen suddenly, causing the heart to beat faster and breathing becomes difficult. And they also leave the sufferer feeling threatened and out of control. If left untreated, panic attacks can lead to panic disorder and other problem. But panic attacks are curable and the treatment can reduce the symptoms of them. Remember that it is all about how to address the symptoms properly, so you need to be aware of the all possible symptoms of panic attacks. Here are some common symptoms of panic attacks that you should be aware of.

1) Racing Heart: During a panic attack, your body feels that it is under an actual physical threat, and this scary feel lead you to experience a state of severe discomfort within minutes. A massive surge of nervous signals activates the amygdala, the brain’s evolutionary fight or flight center, causing symptoms that include a rapid, pounding heart rate that can make you feel like you’re having a heart attack.

2) Shortness of Breath: It is common for a panic attack sufferer to have difficulty breathing during the panic attack. It happens when heightened anxiety causes you to breathe too quickly and hyperventilate.

3) Sweating: Sweating is the body’ way of responding to heightened anxiety. You may also start trembling or shaking while you’re sweating.

4) A fear of Dying: When experiencing a panic attack you may feel a sense of impending doom. Panic attack sufferers often feel they are dying or ‘going bad’, which is not helped by all the physical symptoms a panic attack produces.

5) Nausea: The increase in breathing and the shock experienced by your body can even make you feel physically sick during a panic attack.

6) Feeling Dizzy: A common sign that you’re experiencing a panic attack includes feeling weak, dizzy, and faint, likely because blood is rushing away from your brain toward your limbs, so you can fight or flee as needed.

7) Hot or Cold Flashes: During a panic attack, it also common to feel suddenly flushed with heat or have chills. While a panic attack lasts only about five to 10 minutes, you can feel some the effects for hours.

7 Signs of A Panic Attack


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