Your Teeth Will Be Gone without a Trace If You Don’t Quit These 6 Habits

What happens when we cut our hair? It grows back. So, what happen when our skin gets some cuts, burns or bruises? They heal with time. Ok, what happens when we lose a tooth or two? Do they grow back? No…After milk teeth the teeth you get will be gone for good if they are gone. So, we need to do everything to avoid damaging our teeth. Here are some teeth damaging habits we need to avoid to make sure our teeth stay with us for a long time.

1- Ice chewing. Some people like to chew on the ice left in their glasses when they finish their drinks. However, this is a seriously teeth damaging habit. Chewing on ice leads to the formation of little cracks in our teeth, and these cracks can widen with time.

2- Piercing your tongue. There are many people who find tongue piercing cool. However, having your tongue pierced can severely damage your teeth. The pierced jewelry rubbing against your gum and teeth causes gum recession, tooth decay, bacterial infection and tooth loss.

3- Doing strenuous sports without using a protection for your mouth. Sports like hokey, rugby, wrestling and boxing can knock out your teeth or break them. With a mouth guard you can provide your teeth with a cushion that protects them from hard blows.

4- Opening cans, cutting strings and doing things with your mouth. People seem to find it easier to try to open and cut things with their teeth instead of using scissors, can openers, knives…etc. This may break your teeth or cause them to chip and can also hurt your gum (when you try to cut a thread with your teeth then it gets to your gum).

5- Soda drinks. Of all things people could drink, they seem to prefer the worst, which is soda drinks. The citric acid and the high levels of sugar contained in soda drinks can damage your whole body, much less your teeth. These two substances are so powerful that they can eat away the enamel layer of your teeth. Even washing teeth afterwards maximizes the damage.

6- Smoking. Smoking is another lousy habit that can greatly damage your teeth. The contents of cigarettes make your mouth dry and disturb the production of saliva. They also boost the production of the harmful plaque layer that can damage your teeth.

Teeth Will Be Gone without a Trace If You Don’t Quit These 6 Habits


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