Do Not Wait Until You Become Completely Stupid before You Avoid These 8 Brain Damaging Habits

Brain is that mysterious organ which makes everything in our bodies run and which scientists are still studying until this very minute. Brains are responsible for making us…human. They give us the ability to feel, think and interact with the world and the people around us. However, we might be damaging this vital organ unknowingly. In this essay we will talk about the most dangerous habits which destroy your mind.

1- Not eating breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal in the whole day and skipping it is not healthy for you. Eating breakfast is of the leading reasons of stabilizing blood sugar levels .The lack of adequate food to the brain causes brain damage . That can cause negative effects to your brain.

2-Eating a Lot
Overeating leads to severe repercussions such as stiffness in arteries and reduction in mental power. This leads to reducing the blood that reaches the brain. It also affects to your brain functions.

3- Smoking
One of the causes of Alzheimer sickness is smoking. That is besides the fact that it destroys the heart and health. It causes shrinkage in your numerous brain and severe deterioration or even loss of cognitive abilities (memory, analyzing, summary…etc).

4- Eating or Drinking Too Much Sugar
It leads to disturbing the flow of the blood to the brain causing damage to brain growth and development.

5- Air Pollution
The organ that needs and takes oxygen most is the brain .When you inhale polluted air that will reduce the flowing of oxygen to the brain. Also that leads to the brain inefficiency.

6- Insufficient Sleep
Sleeping recharges the brain. Lack of sleep regularly and for a long time will lead to damage in the neuro cells in the brain.

7-Covering Your Head During Sleeping
I get that some people feel that it is better to sleep when there is no light at all so they cover their heads when they sleep. When you sleep with the cover or the pillow on your head, that will increase the concentration of carbon dioxide and reduce the concentration of oxygen, which causes a lot of brain damage.

8-Thinking Too Much While being tired or sick

Using your mind in studying or working while having an illness or lacking sleep can cause a damage to your brain and lessen your cognitive abilities.

Brain Damaging Habits


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