Don’t Wait Until Your Body Fails from Dehydration, Rehydrate Easily with These 6 Tips

Water is very important to human health. Our bodies consist of water. We need to drink water every day so that our vital organs stay healthy and functional. Lack of water is the reason behind the occurrence of many diseases and rehydration is the method to treat them. So in This essay you will learn new and easy ways for rehydration.

Instead of soda, coffee, and juice, drink water
Water is the best choice for hydration. You might wonder why you shouldn’t drink these things as their main component is water. These juices, sodas, and coffee have calories and sugar, so they are not good for your body. Moreover, there is a good chance that they have caffeine, and caffeine has a diuretic effect, so you will lose water instead of getting it. These things are tempting, so try to reduce them to one per day. Try to drink 20-ounce of water instead of soda that will spare you about 240 calories.
Make a schedule.

Set a calendar or schedule to help you to remember what time your body needs to hydrate. It is a good way to maintain your body or health. Smartphones are now provided with alarms, memos and calendars that can help remind you of drinking water until drinking water often becomes a habit.
Snack on rehydrating fruits and veggies.
Take two or three types of vegetables and fruits at every meal. Besides water, vegetables and fruits have high proportions vegetables and minerals compared to other foods, such as meats and salty snacks. Add these foods to your diet. Fruits and vegetables also make rehydration easier if you find drinking large glasses of water difficult.

The effect of when you exercise without drinking
Before exercise, take 16 ounces of water, after that take 4-6 gulps of water every 15 minutes during your exercise. After that, take 16 ounces for every pound you lost during exercise. Your performance and metabolism can decrease to a 20 percent when you lose water.Drink before eating

Drink three gulps of water (a large glass) before each meal. When you confuse between hunger and thirst, start to take a big glass of water. Then wait for a minute to decide whether you are really hungry or not.

Drink before sleeping
Drink a large glass of water to stay hydrated while you sleep. If you prefer a hot drink or beverage to end your day with, drink hot lemon water.

Don’t Wait Until Your Body Fails from Dehydration, Rehydrate Easily with These 6 Tips


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