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9 Things You Never Knew Your children Need Most from You

What is it that our children want or need from us? Is it to give them big allowances, all or most of the products of game industry? Tablets, smartphones and Apple watches? A teacher who spent many years of her life teaching used to ask her students this same question every Mother’s Day. Here is what the children said they wanted their parents to do for them:

– They want their parents to talk with them in private from to time and show them a sign of affection such as hugging, kissing them or patting them on the back.

– They wanted their parents to talk and spend some quality time with them separately, not with their siblings, to make them feel like they are special and that they have a special bond with them.

– To talk with them about their plans for the week, the weekend…etc. No matter how trivial these plans are.

– To cook healthy but delicious meals for them so that they could grow healthy and be able to achieve better in sports.

– To sit with them and watch their favorite shows and cartoons from time to time.

– To discuss life matters with them such as war, love, family, generations, people…etc. to make them feel like their opinions are of value.

– To show them their mistakes when they commit them, but not fix these mistakes for them.

– To give them small letters and messages that tell them that their parents love them, and to leave these letters inside their desks, lunchboxes, school bags…etc.

– To criticize them or what they do when they do something wrong because this shows that they want them to become better.

Things You Never Knew Your children


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