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Looking for Some Health Tips for your Kids? Read This One

Eating healthy foods and following healthy habits is important for all ages, but kids needs some especial attention, because childhood stage is like the base, so mums and dads, you should take good care of building a good and healthy base.

Every kind of food will take care of a certain mission in your kid’s bodies, let’s start with diary products, they have an important mission in building your kid’s bones and keeping it strong. Your kid should drink two glasses of milk daily and milk isn’t the only dairy product as you all know, yogurt and chess also give good benefits to your kid’s body. These benefits are like enough levels of zinc, vitamin A, calcium and potassium that will help your little boy or girl to have better health.

Moving to another food kind that has a major mission, I am talking here about the great friendship between brain and sea food. As you all know that sea foods are rich with protein and the amazing omega 3 which is the super star in the mission of building a good brain. You are free to choose the kind you like, but salmon is the best option because it has low level of mercury.

Kids love eggs and that is a good thing, egg is full of good benefits for your kid’s hair and muscles and you get the best of these benefits when you boil it. It would makes a very good part of your kid’s breakfast.

Looking for more protein sources? Meat is the answer, it’s so rich with protein that will help your kid’s body to be stronger, just make sure to choose the lean cuts. Grilled meat with baked potato would make an amazing lunch for your kid.

Vegetables and fruits, they hold uncountable magical benefits for your kid with all of their different kinds, starting from the different kinds of vegetables like spinach, broccoli and carrots to the different kinds of fruits like, orange, apple, peaches, banana and pineapple. Let these colorful, healthy and different kinds of fruits and vegetable be a main part of your kid’s food system.

The whole grain products aren’t less important than the previous food kinds, they are rich with fibers and complex carbohydrates, which is a good kind of carbohydrates by the way and as you all know that carbohydrates are an essential source of energy and who doesn’t look for good sources of energy for their kids! You can choose from many products like brown rice, oat, oatmeal and so many other kinds. Whole grain cereals would be a very good choice as a breakfast for your kid.

Food isn’t the only thing that will make your kid’s life a healthy one, but having enough sleeping hours and playing sports will make it much healthier. Make sure that your kid sleeps about 9 hours daily and support your kid in practicing the sport he or she likes like, swimming, soccer, tennis, basketball, football or any other sport he or she loves to practice.

We can’t deny the importance of all the previous information and it would be amazing to really make them part of your kid’s life, but let’s face the truth, kids love fried and fast foods like pizza and French fries more than the healthy foods I mentioned above, so what can you do about that?

Your kid will see the world through your eyes, so you are the main factor in this mission, you are doing your best, I know, but maybe you are just doing it wrong. So, let me tell you some ideas that will help you to make your kid love eating the healthy foods. Start from the presentation, yes am serious, it would be harder for you, but it will give good results. For example, present the salad in funny shapes like smiling faces or trees and you will find thousand of ideas to make that one.

Kids love the way in which the restaurants presents the food in, so why don’t you try these ways too. Design some food packs just like the ones you see in restaurants, replace the soda with delicious fresh juice and put in one of these cups that comes with the fast meals. You can even buy some small toys and put it with the meal you cooked just like these restaurants do.

Most kids love athletics like soccer or football players, so why don’t you encourage them to eat healthy to be like those players! Another good idea would be sharing the cooking time with your kid, make the dangerous steps that include chopping and other stuff and give them the fun parts like dressing, it will be such a fun time and they will love to eat what they cooked for sure.

Make it a habit to eat all together on one table to enhance the relationship between each other and remember to end you kid’s day with telling them a story and that story could be about how they where good today and how much you are proud of them and let their day ends with your love.

Health Tips for your Kids


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