How Quitting Smoking Can Benefit You Life

We all agree that smoking is bad for the health in many aspects. But did you know how quitting smoking can make your life different? Here’s what happens to your health and body when you quit smoking and how many favors you will be doing yourself if you decide to quit.

1- You Will Breathe Better.

People start to breathe easier and cough less when they quit smoking because the lungs capacity improve by 10% within the first nine months of quitting smoking.
If you are still in you 20s or 30s you may not feel the negative effect of smoking on your breathing unless you go for a run, but the capacity of your lungs will naturally diminish as you age.
When you reach your 40s and 50s the difference between having your full capacity of lungs and not is similar to being active and healthy or wheezing and coughing every time you climb the stairs or take a short walk.

2- You Will Have More Energy.

Within the first two to twelve weeks of quitting smoking your blood circulation will improve which will have a positive effect on all your physical activities including walking, running or doing your daily chores.
Your immune system will also be boosted and you will have less cold and flu attacks.
The increased oxygen levels in the body will also keep tiredness and exhaustion at bay.

3- You Will Have a Better Sex Life.

After you quit smoking your blood circulation will be improved which in return improves your sensitivity in sex life.
Men who quit smoking could have better and longer lasting erections, women who quit smoking could get aroused more easily and enjoyed more orgasms.
It is also found the non-smokers are three times more attractive and appealing to partners than smokers.

4- Quit Smoking and Have Better Fertility.

Quitting smoking will also have a positive effect on your fertility and hormonal levels. For women the lining or the uterus will get better and cycle will be more regular.
As for men the sperm quality can become more potent if you stop smoking.
Giving up on smoking give better rates in conceiving IVF and limit the risks of miscarriages.

5- Stop Smoking for Better Skin.

Quitting smoking will make your skin looks and feels more youthful, you can also delay aging signs by giving up on smoking.
You will allow your skin to get more nutrients including oxygen and you will prevent the sallow- lined skin smokers usually have.

How Quitting Smoking Can Benefit You Life.


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