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7 Reasons Why You Should Not Love Pineapples Too Much

Personally, I consider pineapple the king of fruits. Why not when it has this glorious shape, beautiful crown, sweet fragrance that draws you from afar, sweet sour taste and a gorgeous golden color inside and out? It is sad, however, that this amazing fruit has serious flaws as well, flaws that are bad enough that you shouldn’t love pineapples too much and that you should be careful when you eat them. Here are some of these flaws, or reasons:

1- Abortion. It can cause abortion. If a woman is in the first few months of her pregnancy, she is advised to avoid eating pineapples as they may cause abortion. She can eat it at the later stages of her pregnancy.

2- Allergy. Pineapples can trigger allergic reaction in some people that range from mild (such as itchiness and swelling in the face and the lips) to severe. Washing pineapples in salt water can eliminate some of components that trigger allergy.

3- Heightened concentration of blood sugar in the blood. Pineapple is a sweet fruit. Actually, it is very sweet sometimes that it can greatly raise your blood sugar levels. Diabetics are advised not to overeat pineapple. Half an uncanned (natural) pineapple a day is more than enough.

4- Interacting with medications. Pineapples contain natural components that can interact with some types of medications rendering them inactive or causing harm to the body. For example, eating pineapple while using antibiotic or anticonvulsants can disturb the effects of the medicine.

5- Feeling tingling or burning in the lips and rawness in the mouth. Pineapples have high levels of natural acid. This acid interacts with saliva and make the tongue and the inside of the mouth raw, and make the lips feel tingly and burning a bit.

6- Toxication. Pineapples can be expensive in some countries. So it is understandable that people feel disappointed when they buy them only to find them raw. If you go through the same situation, don’t let your disappointment urge you to eat it raw. Eating pineapple raw may upset your stomach or even cause certain symptoms like nausea and vomiting.

7- Bromelain side effect. Pineapples contain bromelain. This component causes the breakage of proteins in some people leading to skin irritation. Although it is a rare symptom, you should take it into consideration when you eat pineapples.

You Should Not Love Pineapples Too Much


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