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5 Amazing New Benefits for Extra Virgin Olive Oil You Might Not Know of

Most of us make sure to get extra virgin olive oil and use it regularly since all the doctors on health programs are singing its praises. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it actually tastes good and gives salad dishes an amazing flavor. However, extra virgin olive oil is so much more than a healthy food ingredient or the healthiest vegetable oil. There are many other amazing things you can do with extra virgin olive oil, such as:

1- Compared to any other type of vegetable oil, extra virgin olive oil can actually make you lose weight. If you don’t believe me, go to Greece. While we finish a bottle of olive oil every three months or so, the Greek finish 20 kilograms a year, and the result is why people call them Greek gods and Goddesses. With extra virgin olive oil you will have a fat burning ability of a 5 year old.

2- Extra virgin olive oil relieves pain and lessens inflammation. Extra virgin olive oil contains a component called “olecanthal”. It is an antioxidant with anti-inflammation properties. With regular use, extra virgin olive oil can treat you of many diseases and relieves many pains.

3- Extra virgin olive oil tames frizzy hair. Are you annoyed by the lion’s mane look that happens not long after styling your hair? Are gels and hair sprays not really your ting? Then, extra virgin olive oil is the answer of your problem. Just rub your palms with a bit of extra virgin olive oil and grease your hair with it lightly. The frizz will be gone without expensive chemical products.

4- Extra virgin olive oil is a wonderful skin moisturizer. Skin needs to be moisturized few times a day to keep its softness and elasticity, and stay youthful and wrinkle-free for a long time. It is good for all skin types, and my skin is oily and it doesn’t cause any skin problems for me. You can also mix it with other herbal oils such as rose or tea tree oil to protect your skin from airborne bacteria.

5- Extra virgin olive oil is an excellent treatment for rash. Rash can happen for any of us. It happens for babies and it happens as an allergic reaction such as eczema. Extra virgin olive oil can rid you of the rash. Just rub the place with a rash regularly with it and the rash will be gone within a few days.

Benefits for Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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