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Amazing Foods to Boost your Brain

We all know the great value of this amazing organ called the brain and we all appreciate its amazing functions, but what we don’t know is that we can help it and boost its performance by simply eating some certain kinds of food. The first kind of these foods is the whole grain foods that are presented in some foods like, brown whole grain cereals.

Oily Fishes, yes that amazing delicious food is a brilliant brain booster; it can decrease the stress level and put you in a good mood. It contains the omega-3 fats which are considered one of the most important fatty acids that your body needs and you can find it in different kinds of fishes like salmon, mackerel and trout.

It’s full of antioxidant, fibers, vitamin C, and K, guess what am talking about? Yes, it’s the delicious blueberries. Besides its sweet tastes it will protect your brain form stress and memory loss. Eat more tomato, it’s rich with antioxidant and it’s good for your brain health as it protects it from many diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Interested to know more? Can you believe that the pumpkin seeds are full of important minerals like zinc and valuable vitamin like B vitamins and do you know that these minerals and vitamins can perfectly boost your memory and thinking skills? Yes, these little seeds are that valuable.

Broccoli is also a great food for your brain it’s full of fibers which are good for you if you are trying to lose some weight, choline , vitamins K and C which are good as well for your nervous system and your memory. Eat nuts; they are full of vitamin E which is essential to improve your cognitive function of your brain. Looking for other vitamin E source? You will find the answer in the sunflower seeds; just use it simply by adding it to your salad, they are perfect for your brain health.

Include avocado in your diet, it’s full of valuable vitamin like, E, K and C. avocado does a great job to your brain by protecting it form blood clots and enhancing your memory and concentration levels.

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