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Food can relief pain, is it true?

Yes, it’s so true and guess what? Some certain foods don’t only relief the pain, but it ends the causes of the pain which makes them better than any pain killer in this world. I know it sounds interesting and you are eager to know what kind of foods that do that, but let me remind you first that following a good healthy diet is always the most important step.

Coffee, yes that amazing thing that most of us start their day with, coffee is an amazing pain killer especially when it comes to headaches. You will love it more if you know that taking coffee with pain killer pills double the affect of these pills. Do you suffer from migraines and arthritis, if your answer is yes, then you need to add some ginger to your daily meals or you can drink a cup of ginger tea.

The next healing food is a green leaf plant with amazing smell, yes, you are right I mean mint. Studies showed that mint has special healing benefits for those who suffer from IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) and headaches. You can add it to your daily meals by adding its leaves as a salad dressing or you can simply drink it.

Little additions can make big differences, am taking about adding turmeric to you daily meals. Studies proved that turmeric is an amazing anti-inflammatory especially when it comes to joint and colon inflammation. You can add to your soup or salad and for best result mix it with black pepper.

We know that eating fish at least once a week is very important, but what makes it more important is that some kinds of fishes like salmon which is full of omega 3 fatty acids, plays a big role as pain killers for those who suffer form back, neck and joints pain.

They are powerful antioxidant, amazing anti-inflammatory and effective treatment for gout, am talking about the amazing tasty cherries. It’s also so beneficial for athletics like runners, because it reduces muscles pain. Mother Nature is a big world full of benefits and secrets and it always holds the safest and best solutions to our health.

Food can relief pain


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