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These 5 Great Health Benefits Will Happen Once You Eat Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is considered by many a food item rich in fat and sugar. And according to them, all such foods should be banned and demonized because they can cause obesity, inflammation, acne, diabetes, high blood pressure, problems in dental health…etc. However, many recent studies have proved that DARK chocolate is actually good for your health. Dark chocolates are the closest you could get to raw unprocessed cocoa. You will find all you need to learn about the health benefits of dark chocolate in the following lines.

1- Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants destroy free radicals that cause plenty of serious diseases and health problems such as: inflammation, heart disease, acne and cancer. flavanols, polyphenols, and catechins are among the antioxidants you can find in dark chocolate.

2- Dark chocolate boosts your cardiac health. The antioxidants we talked about in point number 1 also have a positive effect on cardiac health. They can regularize blood pressure, increase the flexibility of your veins making your blood flow to your vital organs easily and quickly and lessening the chances of stroke in the process. Moreover, cocoa butter found in chocolate is good fat, the type of fat that enhances these health benefits.

3- Dark chocolate makes you smarter. Dark chocolate boosts some of the cognitive functions, such as memory. Eating low sugar dark chocolate on a regular basis was found to enhance blood flow to the brain and prevent memory loss and grey matter damage. In short snacking on dark chocolate can make you smarter compared to snacking on healthy snacks.

4- Dark chocolate helps you in controlling your weight. The worst thing that you can go through while applying a weight loss diet is suffering from the attacks of craving. When you are hit by a sever craving for sweet things while dieting, you can have a satisfying 20 grams piece of dark chocolate that will give you about 120 calories. It will not give you many caloris, but it will stop cravings and boost metabolism..

5- Dark chocolate makes you feel better. Dark chocolate has high levels of Tryptophan, a natural component that boosts the production of serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for enhancing mood and the lower it is, the worse we may feel. If you feel too pressured by your life, have a little piece of dark chocolate.

Health Benefits Will Happen Once You Eat Dark Chocolate


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