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Once You Learn These 10 Benefits of Kerson Fruit You’ll Be Eating It Daily

What is Kerson Fruit? It is that fruit that looks and tastes like cherries. Some people call it Muntingia calabura. This fruit grows in hot places such as Philippines, Haiti, Mexico, Cuba, South America, Japan, Indonesia, the Caribbean isles and India. It has other names beside Kerson fruit and Muntingia calabura. Some people call it Panama berry, Singapore cherry, Bajelly tree and Jamican cherry. Kerson fruit has many benefits that will boost your health. Here are some of them:

1- Even the leaves of Kerson fruit are edible and healthy. They are used to make herbal tea with pain relieving effect that can substitute your most powerful pain killers.

2- This Kerson fruit’s leaves tea has other healthy properties as well, such as lowering blood pressure by increasing the flexibility of your veins to make blood flow more smoothly.

3- Kerson fruit’s flowers are used as well for its health benefits. They have a disinfecting and antitoxin effect preventing the development of germs and fungus. They are also good for soothing period cramps when boiled and used as a tea.

4- Need something to boost the quality of your diet and lower your high blood sugar? Then, the aforementioned Kerson flowers will do you good here as well.

5- Kerson leaves are mine rich in antioxidants. Therefore, you can drink Kerson leaves tea to fight inflammation, heart attack and even cancer.

6- If you happen to be one of the unlucky people whose life is killed by migraines, then regular consumption of kerson fruit and tea will do you much good.

7- Kerson fruit is so rich in nutrients that you could call it a super food. It has protein, carbs, calcium and phosphorus, iron, B-Vitamins and Vitamin C All of which you need on a daily basis.

8- Kerson cherry has potent antibacterial properties. Your new motto should be some Kerson fruit everyday would keep the doctor away.

9- If you feel like you are under the weather or have caught one germ or another, eating Kerson fruit will boost your immune system and fight fevers and tiredness.

10- Kerson fruit is as rich in antioxidants as some of the most popular rich in antioxidant foods, such as green tea, olives and olive oil, salmon, cranberries and strawberries.

Instead of your usual snacks, try snacking on Kerson fruit. Adding it to your diet would boost your health to no end.

Benefits of Kerson Fruit


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