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Stay away from these 6 foods before sleeping

You must pay attention to the foods that you eat for dinner as the foods affect your sleeping. Some foods help you to sleep well, while on the other way, there are some kinds of food that prevent you from sleeping. Thus, if you want to enjoy a good night’s sleep, you should avoid eating these foods at night.

Red meat: As it is rich in protein and fat, it needs a long time to be digested.

Dark chocolate: You may think that eating chocolate contributes to calming the nerves and thus helps you to sleep quickly. On the contrary, dark chocolate does not help you to sleep because it contains caffeine and some stimulants such as theobromine which speeds up the heartbeat. Therefore, it is one of the foods that should be avoided before sleeping.

Garlic: In addition to the bad breath smell that it causes, which disturbs the sleeping of your partner who sleeps beside you, garlic also causes heartburn that makes you unable to sleep.

Sweets: To avoid nightmares and bad dreams, you should stop eating sweets before bed time. A study showed that 1 people out of 10 who eat fast foods and sweets are more prone to nightmares.

Pizza: Your stomach needs rest before going to sleep. Therefore eating fatty foods like pizza may not be a good idea as tomato sauce in the pizza contains high levels of acidity that may cause heartburn during the night.

Pasta: It is full carbohydrates that increase the levels of sugar in the body. So, when taking pasta before bed time, it will turn into fats causing extra weight gain and problems while sleeping as a result.

Stay away from these 6 foods before sleeping


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