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Surprising Facts about the Benefits of Eating Banana

The world of fruits holds a lot of secrets to your health that studies discover daily and banana is one of these magical fruits that has surprising benefits that will make you think twice before neglecting it from your diet.

Let me tell you more, if you are trying to lose weight and you feel hungry between meals; banana is a very satisfying snack to eat between meals, it’s rich with fibers and will make you feel full for long time. These fibers will also make your digestion process much easier which make banana a good solution to those who suffer from digestion problems.

You know what else, if you want a natural sport drink, just eat a banana before your exercise, it’s full of healthy carbohydrates that will fuel you with enough energy and thanks to the potassium that banana is rich with; it will help you to avoid the muscle cramps after exercises. Speaking of muscles, eating banana can improve the calcium absorption in your body leaving you with stronger bones.

Banana is a happiness fruit, being full of magnesium and trypotophan, eating banana will help you to sleep better and it will enhance your mood and make you feel happier and more positive. Banana is also an amazing treatment for those who suffer from anemia, because it’s full of iron and vitamin B6 that helps your body to produce hemoglobin and build healthy cells as well.

If you are looking for a good source of high potassium and low salt, banana is the answer and being that rich with potassium, it will gift you with many benefits like, it will help you if you are quitting smoking, it will make you smarter and your brain more alert and it’s also good for your blood pressure, nerve and muscles.

Did you know that banana is rich with vitamin C like orange and strawberry? Yes, vitamin C that antioxidant vitamin that supports your immune system, help your body to produce collagen which is good for your bones, muscles and tissues and it stimulates iron absorption as well.

Banana is so low in calories about 110 calorie for each one, so don’t worry about your diet and you can use it as healthy sugar substitute in some recipes instead of using refined sugar. It’s sweet and so beneficial, what would be better, right? Enjoy your life!

Benefits of Eating Banana


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