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  • Mistakes that ruin your manicure

    9 Mistakes that ruin your manicure

    Manicure makes the hand look prettier and more alluring. However, there is a number of bad habits that we do unknowingly that wreck our manicure. Learn more about these habits to avoid blowing away your beauty sessions. 1. You are too haste There is no worse thing you can do to your manicure than not allowing it enough time to dry. It is the most common mistake we do with our manicure and it absloutely ruins it for us. Remember those last-minute manicure applications? Can you recall any of them succeeding? That’s because we never let them dry properly. 2. Doing your chores without protecting your nails Manicure is not made to endure the dishwashing detergents or the laundry soap.…

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